Messaging platform

Apply the power of messaging

With Sunshine Conversations, create engaging conversational experiences at every customer lifecycle stage.

Retail and e-commerce

Cost centre to sales centre

E-commerce companies often have strong support systems but rely on traditional sales models to attract customers in the first place. Sunshine Conversations lets you initiate, assist and complete sales directly from the messaging experience.

Sell more stuff

Empower agents to close more deals with personalised recommendations, offers and the option to check out directly from the channel. “Add to shopping basket” has never been easier.

Improve retail communication

Store locations know their clientele better than anyone. Give your retail stores the ability to message customers or each other to ensure product availability.

Make the first move

Send proactive reminders, incentives or educational info to entice customers and boost sales.

Group messaging

Join the party

Pull everyone – agents, departments, customers and vendors – into a single thread to stay updated and solve issues faster. It is secure, so personal information stays private.

For internal collaboration

Make it easy for internal teams to collaborate, manage schedules, coordinate logistics and solve complex multi-department support issues in real-time.

For vendor marketplaces

Connect all parties into a single conversation about a specific marketplace transaction, like ordering, booking or travelling.

For online communities

Create topic-based forums for users to exchange tips, tricks and best practices. Escalate to nominated super-users or customer support when needed.

Event management

Host without a hitch

Events of 10 people or 10,000 need equally proactive communication. Keep attendees updated and at ease before, during and after your gathering.

Before the event

Send reminders, offer sign-ups and promote partner offers and services in preparation for your conference or scheduled service.

During the event

Establish community with informational updates and helplines. Attendees can change their schedule and offer feedback to help you improve service right away.

After the event

Keep the momentum with referral incentives, additional promotions and feedback opportunities.

Hey, developers

Check out our documentation for the nitty-gritty details.

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