Employee Experience Trends Report 2023

This year, organizations need to transform workplace technology so they can better support hybrid work, increase employee productivity, and control costs.

Last updated August 16, 2023

After several years of having the option to work remotely, a new baseline of employee expectations has emerged.

Regardless of whether they are in-person, hybrid, or remote, employees expect knowledge and support to be readily available from anywhere. They want to have modern, conversational experiences that don’t disrupt their work day. Every minute is valuable, and digital tools should increase productivity, not detract from it.

Download the report to see key employee experience trends and insights that can help shape your digital transformation strategy in 2023 and beyond.

Key findings from EX Trends 2023

  1. Digital transformation is top of mind

    84% of EX professionals agreed that improving their ability to support remote, hybrid, and in-person employees is a top priority for their business.

  2. Workplace technology is a pain point for employees

    52% of employees believe that software related to their employee experience is dated and difficult to use.

  3. AI bots can help control costs and increase productivity

    68% of EX professionals believe that AI/bots will drive large cost savings over the next few years.