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Report Unlocking the future of intelligent employee experience

The 2024 Employee Experience Trends report is here

New research from Zendesk shows that AI is a force to be reckoned with. In our second annual Employee Experience Trends Report, we uncover significant shifts in workplace dynamics. Highlighted by an 83% consensus on the importance of EX, the findings emphasise AI's role in elevating employee service and support, with 80% of organisations investing in HR and IT software for improved outcomes. As organisations prioritise EX, IT and HR leaders are navigating change with intelligent solutions that keep the employee experience at the forefront of organisational success.

The trends shaping the 2024 EX Trends report

  1. IT and HR teams are leveraging AI

    With AI, it’s no longer a question of when, but how. Just as CX harnessed AI-powered solutions to optimise experiences, deliver personalisation, and boost efficiency, so has EX. Learn how AI tools have opened up new possibilities for IT and HR teams, with 76% of leaders citing greater responsibilities and enhanced creativity as some of the top achievements.
  2. Adaptability is top of mind

    IT and HR leaders firmly believe in the importance of work-life balance, with 84% agreeing that flexible schedules and work locations are a core part of this. But with team expectations continuing to grow, leaders now face a challenge: satisfying employees while measuring productivity and maintaining team cohesion. Discover how AI-driven EX has become essential for mastering adaptability amongst a distributed workforce.
  3. The greatest EX is built on data

    As more organisations recognise the importance of EX for business success, they’re also going all-in with data-driven EX solutions. From evaluating the performance of remote employees to fostering a healthy corporate culture, data has the power to highlight areas of operational inefficiency. All while informing strategic decisions that improve the business beyond employee experience. Find out why 84% of leaders view EX as a critical business priority.

Report Unlocking the future of intelligent employee experience

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