Zendesk for Education

Show up for students and staff

Education is rapidly evolving and schools worldwide need to adapt to today’s digital climate. Providing students with the best education comes first, but budget cuts and rising expectations are a lot to balance at once. At Zendesk, we provide schools — big and small — with the right solution to support pupils, parents and teachers under any circumstance.

Schools leading by example with Zendesk
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The Zendesk for education approach

Keep an open line of communication

There isn’t a day where you aren’t flooded with questions. Remain in control of operations and keep students and parents at ease with open and clear communication. Provide your staff with a flexible support solution that’s easy to use and empowers them to resolve issues quickly. With Zendesk, you can interact and communicate with everyone on the support channels they prefer — email, chat, phone and even social messaging apps such as Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and more. We know how to keep up with the kids these days.

Provide personalised experiences on the Zendesk platform

Bring students answers with help centers

Make information accessible to everyone whenever they need it. With Zendesk, you can build a knowledge base of help centre articles to answer common questions. Organise content such as frequently asked questions, system setups and the latest announcements, all in one place. You can even lean on your staff to write articles about any given topic and distribute them through all your channels. This ensures that students, parents, and faculty always have access to current information directly on your website or platform.

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Educate together, collaborate as one

Guarantee that your staff and teachers can collaborate and communicate without friction. With Zendesk, you get access to the tools, automations and workflows that keep conversations running smoothly — no matter who takes over the support request. And with our reporting capabilities, you can identify content trends, share customer feedback and find areas for improvement so you can boost staff productivity.

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Get started the same day

One of the best things about Zendesk is that you can get started in less than 30 minutes without IT support. Our software does not require maintenance, hardware or extensive training. Your time is important, so we have made it easy for you to focus on what really matters — supporting pupils, parents and teachers.

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Manage staff from anywhere, at any time

With Zendesk, you can support your students and teachers at the same time. Our support solution is built to empower the people who use it. You can easily manage requests, collect and distribute content, and stay productive and connected from anywhere. Most important, you can remain on top of student expectations, no matter what happens in the world.

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See how innovative educators use Zendesk

Provide support and scale at once

Handle a massive influx of requests with ease

“We spent a year using a service [email] account to manage communications, but I quickly realized that this was not scalable. We needed something that would scale with our growth—and our growth was coming very quickly.”
Melissa Shuter

Director of Operations Support Services for the University of Louisville

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See how the University of Louisville improved their service-level agreements by 15% with Zendesk

Less transactions, more conversations

Seize the benefits of omnichannel support

“We’re so much more efficient with Zendesk. We’re able to work with families over email or chat and then follow up with them on the phone. Being able to toggle between channels enables us to answer questions so much faster.”
Shylene Sanchez

Director of Technology Support at Grapevine Colleyville ISD

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Check out how Grapevine Independent School District provides seamless IT support to over 15,000 students

Get started without breaking the bank

Invest in your students and staff

“With Zendesk, we found a system that was easy to use and to customize. We also wanted a browser-based system with no software to install, so that we could access the solution from PCs or Macs.”
David Soliday

Instructional Technologist at Ohio Wesleyan University

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Learn how Ohio Wesleyan U automated manual business processes to increase team productivity

Be more efficient and collaborative with partner integrations

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