Zendesk + Slack

When you connect Slack to Zendesk, your service teams are equipped with powerful tools that enhance productivity, make collaboration easy and improve service quality.

Snaps right together

It just takes a simple installation to get our integration working. Once it's set up, your team can receive ticket notifications, create new tickets, start conversations and post internal comments and notes to Zendesk from right inside Slack.

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Zendesk app in Slack sending ticket notifications
Send a Side Conversation in a ticket chain in Zendesk

Work where you're productive

When good software comes together, great things happen. With Slack for Side Conversations — a part of the Zendesk Collaboration Add-on — your support team can speed up the support process with seamless conversations across teams and products.

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Connect on your preferred channel

With Slack Direct Messages, your business partners, employees and customers can message your Slack handle to start a conversation. Teams can manage all interactions within Zendesk for easy tracking and answering.

How it works
Suggested answers from Zendesk Guide help center in AnswerBot

Treat employees like customers

Answering repetitive questions can take up a lot of time. Help your employees self-serve with Answer Bot for Slack. It'll offer AI-powered recommendations directly inside the channel of your choice and empower the employees who ask for help — and those who give it.

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Zendesk + Slack in action

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Magic Leap is one of the world's most innovative augmented reality startups. To keep up with growth, the support team needed a way to easily connect with other departments involved in customer experience. Learn how Magic Leap uses Zendesk and Slack to improve internal workflows at scale and deliver responsive support.

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