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63 moons serves customers with transparency and efficiency

63 moons technologies limited brings India’s stockbrokers online by providing support and digital solutions. When dealing with customer inquiries from multiple channels, the company lacked visibility of common customer issues and team performance. By centralizing customer support and sales efforts in Zendesk together with Premier Partner Padah, 63 moons gained a 360-degree view of the customer journey. To become more proactive in its customer support efforts, 63 moons improved access to helpful information, reducing incoming queries by 30 percent as a result.

63 Moons
“Customers have started serving themselves, creating tickets and finding relevant information on their own. As a result, they’re getting the transparency and visibility they’ve always wanted.”

Dhinakar Harinath

Head of Operations & Customer Success

“With Zendesk, we can gauge customer satisfaction on a real-time basis and also give our customers visibility of what is happening with the tickets they have submitted.”

Karunashankar Tiwari

Customer Success Manager




Mumbai, India

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Reduction in incoming queries

63 moons technologies limited builds digital solutions for financial marketplaces. Having pioneered the “Make in India” mantra in the early 1990s, the company is dedicated to introducing India’s stockbrokers to global markets. “We were the first company to bring local stockbrokers online, helping them through the journey and providing customized solutions,” explains Dhinakar Harinath, head of operations and customer success at 63 moons. “Our core products are order and risk management systems. Currently, we’re serving around 500 customers, with an 80 percent market share in India.”

Juggling multiple channels

63 moons relied on a legacy customer relationship management platform to manage customer issues and interactions. “As a 20-year-old organization, we started our business on the telephone,” says Harinath. “Can you imagine manually sorting through and making sense of phone and email inquiries from 500 customers? What’s more, we had no way of measuring how long it took us to complete each request or how well we were doing.”

So, 63 moons started looking for a solution that would help the team gain clarity on customer issues. “We made a list of features that we were looking for. Zendesk checked most of our boxes, and as we started using it, we discovered new ways of serving our customers better,” says Karunashankar Tiwari, customer success manager at 63 moons.

Centralized support and sales

In April 2022, Zendesk Support went live, bringing all customer requests and data into a centralized platform. “Our advisors and managers can now document everything in a single location,” says Tiwari. “Our customers are happy to submit tickets and follow updates.”

With an efficient customer support system in place, 63 moons started thinking about replicating the success in other departments. Tiwari shares, “After experiencing what Zendesk support could do for us, we realized that we were facing similar issues on the sales and marketing fronts. We needed visibility of leads and we wanted to track every client’s journey from their first interaction to onboarding.”

To deploy Zendesk Sell and fine-tune Zendesk Support, 63 moons reached out to partner Padah, a company that guides customers in choosing, implementing, and maintaining digital solutions. “Padah took their time to understand our goals, helped us ask the right questions, and set the right priorities,” adds Tiwari. “They quickly understood how we worked and what we needed and worked shoulder-to-shoulder with us to make the most of Zendesk solutions.”


Empowered employees

Since switching to a centralized ticketing platform, 63 moons has empowered employees to serve customers faster. With all interactions in one place, team members can now easily trace every previous action and pick up the slack where their colleague left off. By precisely tracking employee workload and efficiency, the platform also enables staff to work from home without complications. “Every organization working remotely has trouble assessing and maintaining employee efficiency and productivity,” says Tiwari. “Zendesk’s reports and dashboards help us measure every possible indicator and ensure employee success.”

Most importantly, a centralized platform enables 63 moons to keep careful track of customer satisfaction and improve its service. “We can measure customer satisfaction in a more scientific way with authentic data,” explains Tiwari. “Every ticket triggers a survey to the client, giving us clarity on what’s important or challenging to our customers and how happy they are with different aspects of our service. Our customer satisfaction score (CSAT) has reached 84 percent, giving us more confidence in whether or not we are living up to industry standards.”

Self-serving, satisfied customers

With a better understanding of common customer concerns, 63 moons can now assist customers proactively by making help articles and information freely available. “We make frequent updates to our solutions to enhance the product or comply with regulatory changes,” explains Harinath. “Before implementing Zendesk, we used to have to email our customers regarding every change. Now we publish monthly release notes in our knowledge base so customers can obtain relevant information whenever they need.”

Empowering customers to serve themselves has freed employees up to attend to tickets that require a personal touch. “By implementing Zendesk Support, we have had a 30 percent reduction in incoming inquiries,” says Tiwari. “And more than 80 percent of tickets are resolved with one interaction.”

Moving forward, 63 moons plans to keep improving customer experience by bringing more granularity to customer satisfaction metrics as well as increasing self-service capabilities and visibility of the customer journey. “Our industry is accustomed to traditional forms of communication like in-person support and phone calls,” says Harinath. “We are changing the expectations of our customers and enhancing their experience in the process.”