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Artificial intelligence

Zendesk AI already speaks customer service

Only Zendesk AI is built on billions of real customer service interactions. It understands customer experience, which means you unlock the power of personalised support from day one—without any extra work.


Expert CX for your business

Two hands are stacked on top of each other, representing how AI can support agents.

Lend agents an extra hand

AI tools suggest responses and detect customer intent, empowering agents to offer better service.

A green robot head looks worse for wear, showing how AI renders old customer experience bots obsolete and unhelpful.

Say goodbye to inefficient bots

Zendesk bots solve requests or find the right agent on their own—no manual effort needed.

A hand grips a wrench, just like Zendesk AI is your tool to improve business function.

Customise to your business needs

Optimise operations with personalised intent labels and AI-led insights. You will anticipate needs and offer the right answer.

Generative AI New

Let AI carry the load

Customer support is not always easy. Zendesk Generative AI—powered by OpenAI—makes it easier. Change tone, automatically write support articles and deploy bots that sound like people, all with a few clicks.

Bots and automation

Bots have never been this helpful

Generative AI-powered bots support customers with natural, human language. Set the tone to match your brand, then watch bots share the right information all on their own.

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Agent efficiency

It is a new era of agent productivity

Agents get an AI boost to quickly

of their messages, resolving issues with speed and consistency.

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Intelligent knowledge base

Self-service gets even smarter

Automatically turn a few bullet points into a complete article. Create an article once and update across your entire help centre. You can also shift the tone—to friendly or formal.



Increase in CSAT


Decrease in response time

“Zendesk AI allows us to focus on things like quality and coaching, instead of wasting time reading through tickets and manually categorising.”

Ian Hunt

Director of Customer Service, Liberty London

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AI for Employee experience

Set your internal teams free

Offload repetitive requests onto bots, which come pre-trained on millions of HR and IT interactions. You can also set intents to route sensitive topics straight to the right teams, freeing everyone to focus on the right tasks.

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A person in a purple sweater sits at their laptop helping another employee with an internal team request. Their message to the employee reads “I can help with that! Let us escalate this to your IT department.”

Data protection

Enterprise-grade security and privacy

Zendesk AI is covered by the same standards that apply to all Zendesk products, because we know how essential it is to keep customer data safe. For industries that need more protection, our Advanced Data Privacy and Protection add-on provides the next level of security.

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Several multicoloured orbs representing customer data sit inside a clear box. Two gold locks are just outside the box, protecting the data.

Frequently asked questions

Right now, customers on Suite Professional plans or above can use Advanced AI. If you would like to try our new generative AI features, sign up here.

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A cluster of orbs is set against a purple background. They are of all different textures, colours and sizes, but come together into a beautiful whole, like Zendesk AI is built on billions of different, but overlapping, customer data points.