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Zendesk for financial services

Invest in client relationships

Whether you’re a growing company in banking, insurance, wealth management, or investments, delivering seamless support at scale can be a challenge. With Zendesk, all of your client data is in one place, which allows your team to give advice and answer questions faster, with the highest standard of data security.

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A platform your clients can count on

Zendesk connects the most important data from all parts of your business, from admin systems and CRMs to data warehouses and everywhere in between. Give your team quick access to key customer information like product usage, communication preferences, and lifetime value, so agents can make personalized offers and provide personal support.

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Bring the bank to them

Clients are moving from bank branches to 24/7 access to their accounts, which means your clients expect a seamless support experience wherever they are. With support that anticipates problems before they arise, you’ll have quicker responses and happier clients.

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AI on the fly

Leverage automations, self-service, and AI to provide financial advice quickly and efficiently. Your clients can find answers using a help center and make informed financial decisions. Your knowledge base can power chatbots and AI to deflect questions while also gathering info that directs clients to the right representative.

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Put your trust in us

The highest security standards ensure the right people have access to only the data they need. With role-based permissions and strong documentation, Zendesk makes it easy for your company to demonstrate compliance with major regulations. For the next level of data privacy and security, we offer Advanced Data Privacy and Protection.

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Keep ‘em smiling

“The more successful we are in keeping customers happy, the more likely they are to get an additional mortgage, refinance their mortgage, or recommend us maybe to a friend or a family member.”

Ben Chapman

Director of Client-facing Experience and Analytics

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Starling Bank

Be there no matter what

“We run a 365/24/7 contact centre across various channels including live chat on desktop and in-app live chat for mobile. Wherever our customers are, Starling is there to support them, and it’s all managed by Zendesk.”

Patrick Vardhan

Head of Customer Service

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