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Zendesk + Salesforce

When sales and support work together, your customers win. Our pre-built integration with Salesforce gives your teams a single view of your customers so you can have better conversations and close more deals.

Keep your teams in sync

Make it easier for sales and support to get visibility into the right customer data. Integrate Zendesk and Salesforce in minutes, so you always have the right information.

Give reps valuable lead activity

Close more deals and reduce resolution times by giving sales access to customer tickets so they’re looped into conversations with support. Reps can view, create, and update tickets while seamlessly collaborating with your support team.

the customer experience

Give agents access to Salesforce profile details, like job title or plan tier, all visible within Zendesk. With a unified view of your customers, agents can deliver engaging support experiences that drive CSAT, upsell opportunities, and productivity.

Leverage smart automations

Improve productivity for sales and support by automating activities across systems. Create connected workflows for instant resolutions, like reassigning tickets based on loyalty status stored in Salesforce.

Understand your business

Identify trends across all touchpoints of customer interactions. Enhance your Salesforce reporting to include Zendesk ticket data so that you can make more informed business decisions.

Evernote’s success with Zendesk + Salesforce

Zendesk + Salesforce
Evernote transforms the way millions of people organize and share ideas. With a globally distributed workforce, creating a central record for every customer interaction is critical. With our integration, Evernote connected their sales and service teams. Their sales team can create a support ticket within Salesforce with just a click of a button, and support has visibility into every customer interaction without leaving Zendesk.
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