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Maximize your sales process with Zendesk’s profit-boosting sales pipeline software.

What is pipeline software?

Last updated May 3, 2023

Sales pipeline software is a digital tool that organizes your selling process so you can close more deals and grow your business faster. Pipeline software provides easy-to-understand visuals and stats for all of the opportunities currently in your selling cycle. These tools help you see exactly what steps need to be taken in order to move them closer to purchasing.

When you’re trying to hit your goals, you need an organized and repeatable process for conducting selling activities. That’s what a sales pipeline is for. With Zendesk Sell’s pipeline management software, you can maximize your pipeline efficiency and track your sales process from the first hello to the final purchase.

What does good sales pipeline management software do?

funnel report

Good pipeline software streamlines your sales process. It simplifies and organizes the reams of incomprehensible data that would normally be buried in spreadsheets. With an eye on actionable next steps, reps can close deals faster, keep an eye on noteworthy trends, and increase revenue.

The best pipeline management software automates the sales process. You create the board, the rules, and the winning conditions. Then you move the pieces—or in this case, the customers—along the path from start to finish.

Pipeline software benefits

Accelerates sales acquisition

Step-by-step processes always speed up conversion times. The faster you can convert, the lower your CAC
(customer acquisition cost). Lower CAC = more net profit.

Speeds up lead management

Less time spent on mundane tasks means more time dedicated to leads and more personal experiences for

Provides full-funnel visibility

Setting up the next meeting with a prospect is great, but if you don’t have the big picture, then you don’t
know how many meetings you need to make a sale. Pipeline software shows you the full scope of the sales funnel.

Optimizes sales engagement

No more trying to figure out the perfect time for a call, email, or get-together with your prospects — your
sales pipeline lays out all your best interaction practices so you can close more deals.

Leverages sales data

When you can easily see how quickly prospects move through different sections of your pipeline, you can zero in
on key conversion points and strategize for success.

Boosts productivity and bookings

You can’t check things off your to-do list if you don’t know what to prioritize. Sales pipeline software lays
out your step-by-step conversion process so that you always know what task lies five steps ahead.

Why choose Zendesk's pipeline software?

pipeline management

Bring in qualified leads with automated lead generation and sales engagement tools that work with your full scope of inbound and outbound channels. Pipeline software features:

Lead generation

Bring in qualified leads with automated lead generation and sales engagement tools that work with your full scope of inbound and outbound channels.


Convert prospects faster with automated outreach and alerts that ensure you never let a promising prospect slip through the cracks.

Lead and funnel management

Automatic lead tracking throughout the entire sales pipeline make it easy for reps to know what to do, when. And for prospects to convert. Assign outreach tasks, compile customer behavior, and hone your buyer personas.

Contact management

Quickly store and access up-to-date contact details for your leads, so you can reach out easily via email, phone, or other preferred channels. Built-in enrichment functionality makes sure that contact info is current.

Sales reporting with lead and deal dashboards

Easily generate sales dashboards and reports based on solid lead and deal data in clear, clean, graphic formats for your entire company.

Forecasting and analytics

Grow your business by making informed scaling decisions based on accurate forecasting and robust data.

Customization with integrations from Zendesk Marketplace

Support your sales pipeline by integrating your entire tech stack for consistent information in every department. Integrations are available for key types of sales softwares and activities, including marketing automation, productivity tools, document tracking, and social messaging.

Unification with Zendesk Support software

Align your sales and service branches with Zendesk Sell and Zendesk Support Suite for the ultimate customer experience.

End-to-end conversational CRM

Automatically keep track of every prospect and customer interaction, across channels, to deliver better conversations that drive revenue.


What’s a sales pipeline example?

Most sales pipelines are made up of the four basic categories: qualification, meeting, proposal, and closing. You can break your pipeline down even further depending on how complex your business is. For example, a small-scale pipeline might look like this:

  1. Generate the lead: An inbound lead enters their information via your website.
  2. Qualify the lead: A sales rep or sales software verifies that this lead is interested, has the money, and will genuinely benefit.
  3. Contact initiation: A sales rep reaches out to the lead and starts a conversation.
  4. Schedule a meeting and/or a demo: A sales rep sets up a time for a more in-depth discussion or walks the prospect through a demo.
  5. Proposal: The sales rep breaks down an offer for the prospect to consider.
  6. Negotiation: If there’s room for price differences, the sales rep and the prospect settle on a fair price.
  7. Closing: The prospect converts into a buyer and the sale is closed.

Why do you need a sales pipeline?

Sales pipelines help you stay on target and track different prospects through their buyer journeys. They tell you which outreach steps you need to take depending on what stage of the pipeline you’re in. When you monitor your progress, you always know what the next step is — that means you can move along faster to the finish line. Faster sales = more revenue.

How do you build a sales pipeline?

You can build a sales pipeline from scratch using the four categories, but you can also simplify and use a sales pipeline template. The most important thing to keep in mind is that your pipeline should fit your brand and your product. For instance, if your brand keeps it very professional, don’t add in too many personal touchpoints.

What is a pipeline in CRM?

Sales pipelines are a feature included in CRM (customer relationship management) software. Each contact in the CRM aligns with a stage of the sales pipeline, making it simple for your sales team to see the status of each account.

Ready to try a sales pipeline CRM for free?

Zendesk Sell is a user-friendly sales tool that has helped countless businesses grow their bottom line. With an intuitive design, your team can automate your pipeline quickly, so you can start maximizing volume closing more opportunities.

Request a demo today and revitalize your sales pipeline.

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