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Full Circle: Get the most out of your omnichannel support strategy - Asia Pacific

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Providing seamless support across multiple channels has become a top differentiator for companies in today’s fast-paced world of multi-device consumers. It’s a trend that places more responsibility on your customer support team than ever before – and that requires a more strategic use of your tools.

Join our Customer Success team to learn best practices for managing your omnichannel support strategy with The Zendesk Suite. We’ll cover topics such as:

● Presenting the right channels to your customers at the right time in their journey
● Training and staffing your agents across live channels like chat and phone
● Tips for improving the performance of your live channels and self-service options

All told, we’ll guide you through the steps for improving customer satisfaction and brand loyalty while also maximizing your team’s efficiency.

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Chiaki Oka,photo

Chiaki Oka,

Chiaki Oka, Customer Success

Mary Dephoto

Mary De

Mary De Ocampo, Customer Success