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10 min read

What is SPIN selling? Stages, questions & examples

The SPIN selling methodology gives sales professionals a framework for asking the right questions to help them close more deals.

11 min read

Providing great social media customer service

What is social media customer service? Social media customer service is offering support through social channels,…

11 min read

How to start a call center (without breaking the bank

What is a call center? Defined, it's a team of customer service agents that responds to incoming calls about customer issues. Here's how to start one.

11 min read

5 examples of bad customer service (and how to be great instead)

Bad customer service is what happens when a company fails to meet customer expectations. Get tips for your team to avoid creating poor customer experiences.

9 min read

What are customer service objectives? 4 industry experts weigh in

We asked customer experience experts to provide examples of important customer service objectives.

9 min read

The best knowledge management system examples, types, and tools

Here are our favorite knowledge management examples and perhaps the kind of knowledge base your company will want to develop

14 min read

Customer data management: 8 ways to manage and protect your customer data

Managing customer data is a hot topic. According to one report, consumer data is now the…

5 min read

How CX is critical for the new digital world of financial services

The adoption of mobile over the last 20 years has dramatically changed the face of financial…

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