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Scale up your workflow

Manage multiple agents and their unique skill sets with a customised support solution. Tools like advanced workflow capabilities, AI-powered automation, and self-service mean the right tickets get to the right agents—and that agents have all the knowledge they need to solve any problem.

Customise your support

A complicated workflow means less efficient agents, higher support costs and low customer satisfaction ratings. Give your customers the highest quality of support with customised workflows, business rules and a comprehensive knowledge base.

Get tickets to the right agent

Skills-based routing lets you streamline your workflow by directing tickets to the agent who is best equipped to serve them. This reduces the time agents spend on manually routing tickets, enabling your organisation to scale quickly and maximise team productivity.

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The right tools at the right time

Contextual workspaces allow admins to create unique ticket interfaces for each agent. Each workspace is set up based on specific ticket conditions and can show or hide relevant forms, macros and apps. This helps reduce agent effort and increases productivity.

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Knowledge at their fingertips

Your agents know the best ways to help a customer, but they are not always documented and readily available. The Knowledge Capture app turns that agent know-how into effective content for your knowledge base, which can then be used to solve tickets faster.

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Tap into more knowledge

Keep exploring the world of community software and knowledge bases.

Customise your support with Zendesk