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The software and cloud services industry is exploding, and companies need to put as much attention into caring for existing customers as they do into acquiring new ones. Zendesk delivers the tools and resources software and cloud services companies need to create frictionless customer experiences and drive brand loyalty at scale.

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The Zendesk approach to software and cloud services

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Scale through self-service

Sometimes your customers just need a quick answer. Empower customers to help themselves 24/7 with AI-enabled bots, customised help centres and technical community forums to address common questions.

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Make it personal

Your relationship with your customer is a critical asset — the foundation of brand loyalty. Integrate user and account data into one 360-degree view, including integrated CRM data, licence and subscription history, and configuration and usage history, so that your agents can deliver personalised service at any level.

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Work smarter and faster

Technical support agents have their hands full. Use intent detection and automated triage to ensure that tickets are going to subject matter experts. Reduce repetitive work for common product or defect enquiries with time-saving routing, automation and AI-powered workflows — boosting agent satisfaction in the process.

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Connect your teams

Your front-end support agents are not alone. Make it easier for them to collaborate with backend teams around the world when you unify your internal communication channels. Integrate apps like Jira and Slack to streamline ticket escalations and share data with out-of-the-box dashboards so your team can improve the customer experience.

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Transform your data to build customer loyalty

A data-driven CX strategy is foundational to exceptional support. Out-of-the-box and customised reporting and analytics tools let you track a customer’s journey and provide proactive software support before issues become, well, issues. With customised dashboards and feedback methods, assess customer sentiment, reward customer loyalty, and enable agents to upsell and cross-sell your products.

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How innovative software and cloud services companies deliver personal customer experiences


Building a best-in-class support team

“Despite a massive increase in support demands for the company's platform, customer satisfaction metrics and renewal rates are still at all-time highs.”
Scott Gilbert

Senior Director of Global Customer Support at Qumu

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How Qumu uses Zendesk to provide award-winning customer support at scale for a loyal customer base

Put the customer first

Go the extra mile

“We always try to instill within our representatives that the size of the company doesn’t matter. What matters is that we get the customer to where they need to be and try to help fulfill dreams.”
Delano Mireles

Director of Worldwide Support

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See how ShipStation uses Zendesk to empower teams to collaborate


Driving scale with self-service

“Last year we deflected almost 8,000 tickets due to self-service enabled by Zendesk. That amounts to about US$1.3M saved due to the reduction in tickets.”
David Schroeder

Senior Manager of Services Support at Unity

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How Unity uses Zendesk automation and self-service to scale support for 3.9B users

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