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Zendesk makes customer service better. We build software to meet customer needs, set your team up for success and keep your business in sync. Watch the demo and see how it is done.

Customer Service

The Basics

What is Zendesk?


Support your customers

How can my customers get service from me on any channel?


Support your teams

How do I help my team work efficiently?



How do I scale my support with self-service?



How do I measure and improve my customer experience with reporting and analytics?


Apps and integrations

How do I integrate Zendesk with my existing systems?



How do I integrate more customer data and extend the Zendesk platform?


Support Webinar

This pre-recorded webinar is an Introduction to Zendesk


Employee Service


How IT teams manage hardware-related requests with Zendesk



How HR teams use Zendesk to streamline onboarding



Sales: the basics

How do sales teams use Zendesk?


Sales deep dive

Get to know Zendesk Sell


Mobile selling

Close deals from anywhere


Goodbye data entry

Enrich leads and identify new prospects to sell to


Sell Webinar

This pre-recorded webinar is an introduction to Zendesk Sell