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Talk Partner Edition is the all-in-one contact centre solution for enterprises.

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Integrated voice software

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Choose the call centre software that’s right for you and integrate it with Zendesk to deliver the best customer experience—across any channel, no matter how sophisticated your phone support operations are.

One workspace for every channel

Right place, right time

Give your agents the context they need to handle every call—using the tools they already know and love. Embed a call console into Zendesk to deliver voice support from the same workspace they use to manage all the other channels.

Pre-built integrations

Plug and play

Get started right away with over 90 pre-built telephony integrations that plug directly into Zendesk. To make it easier, check out our featured telephony partners.

Telephony integrations in Zendesk Talk Partner Edition
CTI toolkit in Zendesk Talk Partner Edition

CTI Toolkit

Get under the bonnet

Integrate your own call centre solution using Zendesk’s powerful computer telephony integration (CTI) toolkit with JavaScript Object Notation (JSON)-based APIs.

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“One of the biggest benefits is that everything is centralised. Agents can go to just one source and look at all the history with a customer instead of having to check three different places. By putting everything together, we can improve our productivity and performance.”

Joe Wang

Director of Customer Experience at Upwork