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Routing and intelligence

Get tickets to the right agent based on their expertise so that they receive a ticket they can efficiently solve, every time.

Keep things moving

Last updated May 11, 2023

Built-in routing and intelligence ensure that all requests, regardless of priority or skill set required, have the smoothest path to resolution. Also, AI helps collect all relevant customer information in one place —making it easier than ever to solve more tickets, faster.

Get the best person for the job

Route the right tickets to the right agents, every time. Whether it’s language, request type or channel, admins can easily create skill categories to match the expertise of agents—so that every request is navigated effectively.

Keep agents on track

Automate the ticket queue so that the most important and time-sensitive ones are addressed first—less time cherry-picking, more time solving requests.

Let the conversation flow

Gather essential customer details right off the bat so your team has everything they need to dive straight into helping.

Populate ticket fields automatically with pre-collected customer information so business rules can be applied instantly and routed into the right workflow.

Guide customers through a pre-built conversation flow with the help of AI to identify intent. If it’s too complicated for a bot, easily escalate it to a human agent.