Artificial intelligence

Zendesk AI already speaks customer service

Only Zendesk AI is built on billions of real customer service interactions. It understands customer experience, so you get personalized support at a lower cost from day one.



tickets made better with AI



of agent time saved since 2021



tickets used to train our AI models

Expert CX for your business

We’ve been building customer experience AI for six years. We’ll show you how to fit it into your service plan.

  • Lend agents an extra hand

    Agent AI tools suggest responses and detect customer intent, leaving agents prepared and refreshed. 

  • Say bye to bumbling bots

    Zendesk bots solve requests or find the right agent on their own—no manual effort needed.

  • Better support right now

    Triage conversations, smooth workflows, and fill knowledge gaps without developers or data scientists.

Agent efficiency

Enhance your agents with AI

We built the industry’s most advanced triage tools to reduce manual sorting and prioritization across messages and email. Agents will know what customers want and how they’re feeling before the conversation even starts.

Bots and automation

No ifs, ands, or 
clunky bots

With Zendesk bots, AI feels like an extension of your team. Bots anticipate needs, promote self-service, and provide instant answers to every customer.

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24/7 member support with messaging

"The bot is perfect for our users that need help when our agents are offline. They can interact with the bot to get answers quickly. Instead of sending us an email and waiting until the next day to hear from us, they can get answers to their questions right away."

Trishia Mercado

Director, Member Engagement Team at Photobucket

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Decrease in annual tickets


Decrease in first resolution time


CSAT for Messaging

Frequently asked questions

Zendesk already provides some AI and bot capabilities within our Suite offerings today, including standard bots, macros, and knowledge in the context panel. The Advanced AI add-on unlocks new AI capabilities, including advanced bots, AI-powered tools for agents, intelligent triage, and macro suggestions for admins. For more information, view our plans and packages.

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