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What is digital engagement? + Customer engagement strategies

Learn how a digital engagement strategy can help your business create better customer relationships and boost your bottom line

How to create customer surveys: 8 tips and examples

Customer surveys are a great way to gather feedback—the challenge is getting people to respond. Here’s how to create engaging surveys your customers will actually complete.

Customer loyalty: A guide to types and strategies

Customer loyalty is when customers reward a company with repeat business over time. Our guide covers definitions, types, and strategies to help you learn how to build a loyal following.

Customer onboarding guide for 2022 (+6 best practices and examples)

Customer onboarding is the process of teaching new customers the value of your product or service. Here's how to build an onboarding program that sets clients up for success.

What is a support ticket?

Support tickets offer a wealth of data about your customers that can benefit your entire organization — but what do support tickets actually look like?

Sales promotion: Definition, examples, ideas, and types

Sales promotions allow companies short-term revenue boosts through a wide variety of customer benefits.

14 min read

7 cold email templates that skyrocket response rates

Getting a prospect to respond to a cold email isn’t always easy. Our template playbook can help with that.

Gross sales vs. net sales: Key differences explained

Gross sales and net sales are two metrics that offer distinct advantages when it comes to gauging revenue. Yet not many people can tell the difference.

What is a customer engagement platform? Top platform features 2021

Real connections with customers can improve customer satisfaction, sales, and retention. A customer engagement platform helps businesses manage complex customer relationships.

What is customer obsession? How to become customer obsessed

We’ve all heard the stories of companies going above and beyond to provide their customers with…

The sales cycle: what is it and what are the 7 main stages?

When you understand the sales cycle, you can experience success more consistently. Learn how to make the most out of yours.

What is a CRM database? The ultimate guide

Understanding how to create a CRM database shouldn’t be a mystery. In this post, we break down the benefits of a CRM database and what kind of data it should store.

5 types of customers and what they need

As a customer support agent, you will interact with a variety of people, each with their…

How to calculate and improve customer retention rate (+ formula)

While companies should closely monitor their customer retention rate and churn rate, there are other customer retention metrics worth paying attention to.

7 common types of customer needs (+ how to meet them)

What are customer needs, and how can your business solve for and anticipate them?

Customer orientation: definition, examples & skills

If you want customers to be loyal to you, you have to start putting them first.

Total revenue formula (+ 4 metrics every sales rep should know)

Use five key formulas to help you evaluate your company’s finances.

8 min read

Messaging is open for business. Are brands ready?

We’re living in the messaging era. From chatbots and voice assistants to emojis and end-to-end encryption,…

Best practices
8 min read

How to embrace new behaviors in 2021

2020 brought on a seismic shift in consumer trends, but many industries are adapting.

Best practices
6 min read

How online retailers are transforming the customer experience with conversational commerce

For e-commerce businesses, conversational messaging provides unparalleled opportunities to improve the customer experience—and sell more goods and services in the process

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