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The way we work is always changing—and so are customer expectations. Ditch the buzzwords and industry jargon and get back to the foundation of customer service. Check out the latest technology and trends that are creating better customer experiences.

CX Trends 2023: Immersive CX marks the dawn of a new era in service

Despite economic turbulence and rising customer expectations, companies remain optimistic about the future. That hope is grounded in plans to invest in immersive CX, which is being driven by five distinct trends.

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Consumers expect AI to radically transform service

In this Zendesk white paper, consumers share their thoughts about how AI will transform customer service and why they think businesses aren't doing enough to embrace the technology.

5 min read

Good-enough service is not good enough: Three strategies to remain competitive

The 2022 CX Accelerator report results are in. Discover how great customer experiences set teams up to thrive in an ever-changing market.

4 min read

Why CX Champions must continue raising the bar on excellent customer service

You have built a powerful support organisation, a feat worth celebrating. But now what? Learn what other CX Champions are doing to continue providing innovative service.

4 min read

Rising to the top, these CX leaders are up for solving complex service challenges

Trying to find the right balance between human agents and AI? Customer data split across systems and apps? Struggling to hire and retain support talent? You may be a CX Riser.

4 min read

Emerging into CX leadership – steps to take now to avoid costly fixes down the road

Still figuring out how and where to use AI in support? Struggling to turn customer data into meaningful change? Are agent training programmes less than ideal? You may be a CX Emerger.

Best practices
8 min read

How to embrace new behaviors in 2021

2020 brought on a seismic shift in consumer trends, but many industries are adapting.

Best practices
19 min read

Good customer service: 10 ways to deliver great customer service

What is good customer service? Be nice. Be quick. Be thorough. Your customers will thank you. And so will sales, marketing and the rest of your company.

Best practices
5 min read

5 ways a customer interaction can improve your business

“No plan survives first contact with the enemy.” Similarly, few businesses can survive the first contact…

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