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The hottest integrations are here

New Zendesk app integrations are here. Learn all about how these integrations can help out your sales and support teams.

By Eric Shen, Technology Alliances Strategy and Operations Manager

Last updated August 16, 2023

Here are the newest integrations from Zendesk to help your team provide top-quality experiences.

Be My Eyes

Be My Eyes (Support) is a free iOS and Android app made up of a global community that connects 500,000+ blind or low-vision people with 6.5M sighted volunteers and company agents through a live video call. Be My Eyes is a one-way video, two-way audio support channel that allows your agents to see through the rear-facing camera of a customer’s mobile device, to help them resolve visually challenging issues in a remote support environment. The app is perfect for supporting customer interactions that require visual guidance,–including things like website navigation and purchasing support–confirming a product was delivered correctly, reading important documents, identifying accessibility issues with existing products or gaining usability insights, setting up or troubleshooting equipment and technology, and more.


Bazaarvoice + Zendesk (Support) integration enables you to build an efficient, effective UGC program that delivers high-quality customer experiences and improves customer service across the shopping journey. You’re able to easily integrate your Bazaarvoice Ratings and Reviews and Questions and Answers data into the Zendesk platform to help you improve workflows, enhance brand reputation, and upgrade customer service. Build robust customer profiles, manage brand reputation at scale, increase productivity, learn about your customers, and drive top-notch customer experiences and retention.

Netomi Virtual Agent for Messaging

Netomi Virtual Agent for Messaging (Messaging) automates customer support, empowering consumers to self-serve and communicate with brands on all channels. Netomi’s AI-powered conversational platform automatically resolves 80 percent of routine customer support inquiries, decreases support costs by 50 percent, and increases CSAT by 25 percent. The patented, no-code platform works across messaging, chat, email, social and voice, and understands 100+ languages.

Magento 2 by agnoStack

Magento 2 by agnoStack (Support) is the leading Magento 2/Adobe Commerce integration app for Zendesk: the only true enterprise integration for Adobe Commerce. No more shuffling between apps, agnoStack™ now makes it possible to search, modify, and create orders and access real-time commerce, shipping, and payment data directly inside Zendesk. It even includes AI for Commerce making AI feel simple.

Additional apps added in July:

  • Starshipit Shipment Tracker (Support) is the best practice shipping and fulfillment platform trusted by retailers worldwide. Now, with the Starshipit Order Tracker, effortlessly track your orders and provide exceptional support to your customers, all from one seamless Zendesk app.
  • Ticket Manager Plus by LEAFWORKS (Support) allows you to split comments into their own tickets so you can forward them to different departments or teams. You can collect information from multiple tickets and merge them into one to have an overview of the process with all the necessary details. The Ticket Manager Plus app also allows you to view a ticket history of solved and unsolved tickets to make handling them easier.
  • Word WandAI (Support) harnesses the power of ChatGPT along with Word WandAI’s proprietary analysis model to produce responses that improve the quality of customer support ticket replies and dramatically reduce the time spent on tickets.
  • Wonderment (Support) helps de-stress your team and delight your customers with transparent order tracking, instant issue detection, and insight into every order. Get tracking data from over 100 carriers across the globe and access your branded tracking page links in the Zendesk app sidebar to easily share with customers.
  • Unthread (Support) allows you to create Zendesk tickets from Slack conversations, allowing you to track and manage issues and questions your customers report in your Slack Connect channels. Take advantage of AI-based features such as ticket title generation and auto-summarization.
  • Capacity (Support) is an AI-powered platform that includes things like Knowledge Base, Cloud Drive, Workflows, Automations, Intelligent Document Processing, Guided Conversations, CapacityDB, and more. Capacity customers that leverage Zendesk Support as their help desk can extend their support functions with all of the offerings of Capacity.
  • Shopify Event Sync by Knots (Support) allows support agents to seamlessly retrieve and interact with Shopify data directly within Zendesk tickets. Ensure the latest information is always available to your support agents, such as order status or customer data, which are automatically reflected within Zendesk.
  • (Support) allows you to create a great-looking and fully customizable external or internal knowledge base. Access information from your knowledge base while solving customer support tickets in Zendesk. Easily insert links and content right into the ticket reply editor. Get smart suggestions for relevant articles from your knowledge base.
  • Problem Viewer Pro (Support) shows an overview of all active problems and the linked incident tickets.
  • Comma (Support) is a communication app developed with the intent of simplifying messaging and campaign management inside Zendesk. Integrate WhatsApp and SMS messaging all through your Zendesk and execute your CX strategies with ease, providing seamless communication and personalized interactions.
  • Unlimited Translations + Sentiment (Support) enables your support agents to communicate in multiple languages without limits. This app will automatically describe the conversation sentiment as negative, neutral, or positive and detect the customer’s language. This information is available in custom fields you can use to build personalized workflows.
  • OneCockpit (Support) is software for customer management and CRM. It concisely displays customer data from different tools. Easily view customer data from OneCockpit in the Zendesk Support ticket sidebar. From within OneCockpit, you can see an overview of Zendesk tickets and easily create new Zendesk tickets.
  • Easy Ticket AI (Support) automatically gets to work when your agent opens a new ticket, assesses how the customer is feeling, and lets your agents know the key emotions they should consider. If it finds any template that may be relevant to the current ticket, it automatically recommends these macros to the agent. And finally, Easy Ticket AI suggests a complete reply, considering the full message history in the ticket.
  • Agent Chat (Support) is an internal communication app that promotes seamless collaboration. Assemble agent groups, invite others to group chats, and supplement your messages with file attachments for a more comprehensive exchange of information. Stay updated with new message alerts within Zendesk—never miss out on the important information.
  • OAPPS for WhatsApp Support (Support) helps you easily link your WhatsApp Business account with Zendesk Support. Connect via Cloud API or scan QR code WhatsApp Business app, reply to your customer WhatsApp requests within Zendesk, use macros, triggers, and ticket assignments the same way you used to work with e-mail, and more.

New themes added in July:

Tilly has a clean and modern layout and comes with all the necessary features to help you bring your help center vision to life. This theme gets you off to a fantastic start with six (or more) image boxes that can be linked to external pages, customizable header and footer links.

Evolution is a stylish and highly functional theme for your business. Customize the design to match your business brand guidelines by setting any imaginable color scheme. This theme also comes with commonly used typography.

Cesar is an easy-to-customize Zendesk Guide theme that will fit any kind of sector (IT, education, tour and travels, startups, retail, e-shop, etc.) due to its clean and accessible look. It offers customizable blocks, call-to-actions, personalized headers and footers, and much more.

To view the full list of incoming apps, follow our weekly release notes.

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