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The Zendesk Sales Trends Report 2021

2020 brought unprecedented change—the global pandemic transformed the way we live, collaborate, and connect. In order to adjust to the many disruptions, buyers have increasingly turned to technology solutions to keep in touch with one another and their vendors. For some, much of the groundwork for technological change was already in place.

Sales organizations are increasingly turning to digital and remote-enablement technologies to deal with a shift in the market, comprised of both generational and situational changes that favor the technologically savvy.

What’s inside

The Zendesk Sales Trends Report 2021 is now available to download. The full report discusses the following 2021 sales trends:

  • Trend #1: The sales landscape is evolving because buyer behavior is changing rapidly

  • Trend #2: A switch to virtual selling is necessary but slower to happen

  • Trend #3: Sales leaders recognize they need to shift the way they support their teams so that they can better serve their customers

  • Trend #4: Sales teams are embracing the need for CRM and data analytics

  • Trend #5: Sales are collaborating more—with one another and other customer facing teams to win over buyers

sales trends

The Zendesk Sales Trends Report 2021

sales trends