Zendesk for manufacturing

Produce better customer experiences

Manufacturers need to focus on producing high quality goods on time. But in order to really deliver, they also have to maintain strong relationships with suppliers, distributors and customers. Zendesk’s customer service and engagement software helps integrate systems, automate workflows and improve collaboration, so businesses can build the best experiences for everyone along the supply chain—especially customers.

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The Zendesk for manufacturing approach

Bring it together to make it all better

Let the data flow and communicate like a pro—across teams, departments, suppliers and distributors round the world. With Zendesk, you can seamlessly integrate key information from customer communication channels, business applications and backend systems. And that makes it easier to collaborate and resolve customer enquiries quickly.

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Make it easy to get in touch

Good communication is key in any industry. With Zendesk, manufacturers can open more channels of communication, such as email, online chat and phone, with dealers and distributors to address service enquiries and drive sales, or deliver exceptional service direct to end-users.

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Make the most of your time

Eliminate manual tasks, reduce errors and make everything more efficient. Zendesk makes it possible with advanced workflow capabilities, AI-powered automations and knowledge management solutions for customer self-service and ticket deflection. Empower agents with customised workspaces, in-context access to internal knowledge, and time-saving tools such as triggers and macros.

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Lock it down

It is difficult to keep up with changes to regulation and data privacy policies. Zendesk offers peace of mind with enterprise-grade security features, so manufacturers can start with the highest standards and go up from there.

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Go big and grow

With Zendesk, you can hit the ground running and stay agile, so your teams can quickly train new agents and launch new divisions or products. Zendesk scales with your support operations so it will never be your bottleneck. If needed, our team of experts can configure and integrate any product to fit your team’s needs—no matter how complex.

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Keep things easy

Help them on any channel

“We needed something flexible and easy to implement. Zendesk integrated all channels and gave us the flexibility to implement in the way that we needed.”
Orlando Gadea Ros

Business Innovation Manager at Stanley Black and Decker

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Learn how Stanley Black & Decker use Zendesk to improve post-purchase experiences with omnichannel support

Power channel partners

Customer satisfaction in the bag

“Zendesk has helped us strengthen our partnerships with our distributor channel.”
Kelly Dees

Vice President of Global Customer Experience, Ingersoll Rand

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Learn how Ingersoll Rand support over 5,000 distributors efficiently with streamlined workflows and integrated systems

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