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The next big Zendesk AI drop: A leap into the future of customer and employee experience

Generative AI, intelligent workforce tools, and employee experience are at the forefront.

By Jesse Martin, Staff Writer

Last updated October 25, 2023

“Top of mind for all of you,” Tom Eggemeier, CEO of Zendesk, said to an audience of a hundred or so people in New York, “is how AI is reshaping the customer experience, and quite frankly how it’s reshaping the employee experience as well.”

What followed was an exciting promise: “We’re going to help you unlock the power of AI for your customers, for your employees, and for your business overall.”

What does that look like?

Zendesk AI video hub

Watch demos, thought leaders, and more to learn about Zendesk AI.

Leveraging Zendesk AI for CX, EX, and security

Generative AI for CX

The new Zendesk generative AI capabilities empower bots to summarize details from various help center articles, facilitating more organic interactions with customers. These enhanced Zendesk AI tools allow agents to tackle requests at scale without sacrificing consistency and speed, drawing from contextually related tickets. Furthermore, administrators have the capacity to examine AI-generated intent recommendations that fill in response gaps. They can also tweak the bot’s tone to align with their brand’s persona, making it either more laid-back or formal.

Zendesk for Employee Experience

New Zendesk AI-powered intents for internal facing teams, like IT and HR, help facilitate internal communications and workflows. In addition to all the same AI features primed for CX, there are now HR specific functions that automatically identify and isolate tickets to preserve sensitivity. With new AI features, we are further cementing ourselves as a flexible, modern solution designed to serve internal teams.

Advanced Data Privacy and Protection

The demand for AI-driven personalized customer experiences is always growing, and businesses are finding it important to secure data across the customer journey. That’s why we launched our Advanced Data Privacy & Protection package, to provide companies with greater control and flexibility over customer data. Zendesk means stronger encryption, elevated privacy, and new features to keep customer data safe.

What makes Zendesk AI different

Zendesk AI is built for customer experience, part and parcel of our CX solution both overtly–in our bots and customer-facing applications–and under the hood, automating workflows to save time for agents and create more personalized customer experiences.

  • Accessible to anyone: Powerful AI that works from day one and is ready to go in minutes. No need for developers, heavy IT spend, or months of lead time.
  • Built and trained on the world’s largest CX data set and expertise: Based on trillions of data points from real service interactions, Zendesk AI is fine-tuned so you can achieve service excellence. And it only gets smarter over time, meaning you can keep improving at every step.
  • Designed for the entire service experience: Designed to boost efficiency and productivity for everyone in your customer experience team, from agents and admins to managers and customers.
  • Transparent, private and trustworthy: Businesses can easily adjust and apply AI in the way that best suits their needs.

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