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Real-time automated ticket tagging and categorisation.

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SentiSum's real-time topic and sentiment tagging categorises tickets, calls and all VOC channels to surface granular customer insight and reduce agent response time.

Use Cases

  • Get more time to focus on your customers by automating time-consuming tasks like tagging & reporting.

  • Surface actionable insight at scale for effective customer-centric decision-making.

  • Organise and triage tickets to the right team for the best possible outcome.

Every team has unique challenges and goals, so every SentiSum customer receives a bespoke AI custom built to requirement and a free trial so you can feel confident and see value risk-free.

If you’d like to explore use cases and take a closer look, please feel free to book a 45-minute demo with a member of our team here.

There’s also a 4-min video demo and plenty of resources available on our website.

Product Features

  • Automatic tagging

  • Real-time reporting

  • Auto-prioritisation & routing

  • Speech analytics

  • Survey analytics

  • Every tickets on every channel

App details

Works with
Live Chat and Messaging
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