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End team inefficiencies with Zendesk

With Zendesk AI-powered workforce management, forecasting, scheduling agents, and tracking performance are a breeze.


Organized employees are good
for business

Improve productivity

Performance reporting and real-time activity tracking show how agents spend their time, so you can lead a more efficient team.

Manage costs

AI-powered forecasting shows you exactly how many agents you’ll need, which reduces overtime and scheduling gaps.

Protect your time

With auto schedule, personalize each team member’s shift, saving time for both managers and agents.

Empower agents

Agents can view every task in advance, and they get in-depth insights into their work. Clarity cements team loyalty.


The simplest way to manage your staff

An admin schedules their team's daily tasks by ticket type, breaks, and lunch. Each category is given a different color.
The admin can dig deeper into each agent's work. They can view the agent's schedule, status, adherence, and productivity, each of which are represented by a different bar graph.
"Zendesk will pull analytics about team and agent performance. This chart shows an agent's average handle time and occupancy rate, but you can customize to fit your team's needs."
Admins aren't the only ones who can view schedule details. Agents also receive an in-depth, color-coded chart of their time on the clock.

Zendesk analyzes your historical data to predict staffing needs in a given day, month, or season. Cut down on overtime costs and lower wait times.


Wyze Labs


Business growth


Improvement in first call resolution

“We’re going to continue to chase technology and integrate AI into our customer support program. As long as Zendesk continues to be an innovator, we will continue to choose Zendesk.”

Chuck Courtney

Support Manager, Wyze Labs

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Right now, customers on any Basic or Suite plan can use Zendesk WFM. If you’d like to start a free trial, reach out to us here.


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