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Quality assurance (formerly Klaus)

Put AI in charge of conversation quality

We review every single conversation and give you instant insight into your support performance. Customers get a more consistent experience, which builds loyalty—and long-term revenue.


Solidify customer relationships with excellent CX

Offer better answers

Highlight problem spots to help you offer more consistent CX experiences down the road.

Run a tight ship

We analyze 100% of your tickets via AI to save you time and reduce operational costs.

Enhance service

Receive accurate insights into agent gaps, so you can improve service quality and reduce churn.

Coach your agents

More data means more ways to pinpoint training needs. Coach agents and give kudos alike.


Take the guesswork out of quality assurance

AutoQA analyzes every interaction – including with AI agents – then shows you which ones need extra support. You’ll spend less time hunting through a stack of tickets, and more time actually solving issues.





Week to set up Zendesk QA

“Every client who contacts support should get a perfect answer regardless of the agent. Zendesk quality assurance allows us to keep up that level of quality.”

Kate Barsuk

QA Engineer, PandaDoc

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Right now, customers on any Basic or Suite plan can use Zendesk QA. If you’d like to start a free trial, reach out to us here.

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