Magento 2 Connector by Wagento

Connect your Zendesk portal with your Magento store to view customer info.

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Magento 2 Connector by Wagento This Magento 2 Connector by Wagento app provides an effective and efficient connection between your Zendesk account and your Magento Store . This app will allow you to manage all the Support Tickets in your Zendesk account by pulling actual client information in a nice widget that will be visible next to support tickets.

The Widget will contain the following information:

Customer information

  • Email
  • Lifetime Sales
  • Customer Group
  • Customer Since

Order Information

  • Order Creation Date
  • Order's Store
  • Billing Address
  • Shipping Address
  • Payment Method
  • Shipping Method

Order's Item information

  • Name
  • Sku
  • Status
  • Original Price
  • Price
  • Qty
  • Subtotal
  • Tax Amount
  • Tax Percent
  • Discount Amount
  • Row Total

This solution is provided by Wagento, a Solution Enterprise partner of Magento, with more than 5 years of successful experience. Any support question contact us to support@wagento.com

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