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The world changed a lot in 2020. Our customers have been a bright light in the dark. Be inspired by how Digicel, Axi,and WeRoad use Zendesk to provide digital customer experiences with personalized interactions.

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Helping Digicel provide digital customer experiences across multiple channels

In 2017, telecommunications provider Digicel began looking for a flexible and powerful tool to centralize the customer-facing support content it offers across 30+ markets. The company chose Zendesk for the simplicity of its knowledge base solution. Recently, Digicel reached a new milestone — its help center surpassed 10 million article views. In 2020, Digicel’s co-founder and chairman announced that the company is placing digital customer experiences at the forefront of its priorities: “We’re taking a massive step into our future and telling our customers that we will be with them 24 hours or 1440 minutes of each day — that’s every minute of every day — and that we will always have an app and a digital experience to delight and engage them. That promise makes for a far deeper, more impactful and more resonant relationship with our customers.” As such, Digicel is continuing to extend the reach of Zendesk within its business by offering more customer contact channels and rolling out to all contact centres.

Zendesk has been key to our digital customer service strategy and this expansion sets us up to effectively deliver on our promises to our customers as a true Digital Operator. As more and more customers see and demand the benefits of seamless support from any channel we are confident that our partnership with Zendesk will allow us to step change our service, our efficiency, our analytics and create new opportunities for growth.” - Director of CX, Neil O’Hanlon, Digicel


Helping Axi provide localized and personalized customer experience

In 2020, online FX and CFD trading company Axi made a promise to traders: to help them find the edge they need to achieve their financial goals. With over 60,000 customers in 100 countries, providing localized and personalized service is vital to fulfilling this promise. Axi’s client services team needed a solution with strong analytics, that easily enabled multi-lingual service, and will allow the team to scale globally. Axi also wanted to reduce the number of systems the team needs to manage. With Zendesk, Axi can deliver on its strategy to focus on fine-tuning local service experiences and build out self-service options at scale to increase agent productivity and efficiency — and, ultimately, to improve customer satisfaction.


Helping WeRoad leverage messaging to provide great customer experience

Italian travel company WeRoad connects fellow globetrotters looking for unforgettable experiences across 150+ countries. An impressive 60 percent of WeRoad’s support requests come in through WhatsApp, which the team used to support via as many as 10 different smartphones and WhatsApp numbers. Now, with the Zendesk Sunshine-powered WhatsApp integration, multiple agents can answer requests from within Zendesk from two numbers: one dedicated to pre-sale questions and another to post-sale inquiries. This has improved agent productivity by 15 percent, reduced support volumes by 10 percent, and enabled the WeRoad team to reply to 90 percent of requests within two hours.