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In the world of enterprise, innovation can make all the difference

On the surface, business seems like nothing more than a series of transactions. But underneath it’s relationships – relationships with vendors, employees, and most importantly, customers. Smart, innovative companies know this, and are moving to put customer relationships at the center of their business strategy.

In the age of the customer, delivering differentiated customer service has become a strategic imperative.

Kate Leggett Forrester

Better relationships are good for business

Putting relationships front and center radically changes an organization’s ability to build trust and evangelism—the foundations of long term customer loyalty. And research shows that loyalty pays off, from the shopping cart to the stock market.




Average spend from repeat buyers vs. one-time shoppers.

Zendesk makes software for innovators. It’s flexible and easy to build on, giving you the tools and freedom to try new ideas. With a dose of inspiration, the right information, and systems designed to foster better relationships, we can help enterprise businesses turn customer experience into a distinct competitive advantage.




Better performance on the stock market for service leaders vs. laggards over 12 year period.

Zendesk works with global brands from every industry

  • Uber
  • Adobe
  • L’Oréal
  • Vodafone
  • Box
  • Open Table
  • Deckers Brands
  • Forrester Trends Webinar 2016

    Watch our latest webinar to learn about the future of customer service, featuring Ian Jacobs, Senior Analyst at Forrester Research.

  • Forrester Trends Report

    Access a complimentary copy of Forrester’s Top 10 Customer Service Trends for 2016 report for analysis and recommendations.

  • Bright Ideas: Enterprise Customer Stories

    Take a journey to the land of better customer relationships. In this brand new eBook, a diverse cross-section of our customers tell stories of innovating at scale with Zendesk.


Fast Company recently ranked Zendesk as one of the Top 5 innovative companies in Enterprise Software. See how we can help you innovate your customer service.

Innovation Inspiration

Put relationships front and center

A business is built on relationships, and relationships have always been complicated. New technology and changing modes of communication will only make them more so. Zendesk is designed to help enterprise businesses cut through that complexity and focus on improving relationships with their customers.

  • 1 billion interactions per year

    Zendesk is an elegant help desk software interface for communicating with customers. Zendesk brings conventional channels (voice and email) and emerging channels (chat, social, and Facebook Messenger) together, making it easy to connect however and wherever customers prefer.

  • Minimal effort

    76% of people prefer self-service over speaking to a rep. Zendesk’s customizable Help Center makes it easy for companies to offer their customers embedded self-service experiences across mobile and web that maximize ticket deflection.

  • Maximum knowledge

    Personalized service requires greater customer context. Gain visibility into customer interactions so you can better serve their needs. Understand and predict customer satisfaction, track NPS over time, and uncover actionable Insights across your data.

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Trusted on a global scale

More than 90,000 customers around the world trust Zendesk with their data. We combine enterprise-class security features with scalable global infrastructure to ensure that business data is always protected, and all implementations are quick and easy—no matter the size.

If Zendesk can successfully scale within big government you can be successful with enterprises of any size.

Dustin Laun, Senior Advisor of Innovation FCC
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Sophisticated, not complicated

At Zendesk, we believe better customer experience starts with a better agent experience. Although relationships with customers can be complex, the tools used to manage them shouldn’t be. Zendesk makes it easy for agents with a single, intuitive and customizable help desk software platform. Agents are happy when they’re at their best, and they’re at their best when they have effective tools for collaboration, information, and automation.

Zendesk really stood out to me from the crowd because innovation is ingrained into its DNA. We have been able to absorb many new ideas and products as we scale our support to new channels and platforms.


Let us lead the way

In the new Gartner Magic Quadrant for the CRM Customer Engagement Center 2016 report, Zendesk moved into the Leader quadrant. Our move up and to the right has put us in an elite category. Zendesk stands out for being the most modern choice, with more innovative technology, faster Time to Value, and easier scalability.

Gartner Magic Quadrant, 2015


Our Enterprise support team is stacked with experts, offering worldwide 24x7 support across email, phone, and chat. We also offer advanced support options like a one hour Service Level Objective from our global support team and a 99.9% uptime Service Level Agreement.


Our Success team works with you to set goals and create strategies to optimize your customers’ experiences across all stages of growth. Through focused services we help companies stay agile in the evolving world of customer service.

A platform that connects and extends

Zendesk is designed to be flexible because no two businesses are exactly alike. Our platform is open and extendable to allow enterprises to integrate with the best of breed applications they already use.

  • Unite your business by connecting your favorite tools

    Select from over 350+ existing apps and integrations that plug directly into Zendesk.

  • Take advantage of Zendesk’s robust API to customize your customers’ and teams’ experience

    Build powerful products within or on top of your Zendesk using our APIs, Apps, and mobile and chat SDKs.

  • Cisco
  • Microsoft
  • Jira
  • Salesforce
  • Genesys
  • Netsuite
  • Avaya
  • Adobe

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