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Make it right

A beautifully simple system for tracking, prioritizing, and solving customer support tickets.

Multi-select Fields

Not all questions have a single answer. This new field type allow agents and customers to choose the right option with a multi-select drop down menu.

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Ticket Fields Administration

The ticket field admin page features a refreshed UI and data management functions like sort, search, filter, and edit columns. This allows you to preview ticket fields before publishing.

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App Permissioning

Show your agents the apps that will help them most. With App Permissioning, admins can control which apps agents can see in their user interface.

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Sandbox Reset and UI Update

To avoid any sandbox destruction, we replaced the Zendesk admin interface with an updated design. A warning will pop up when you hit “delete all edits and reset sandbox.” We’re just preventing you from wasting any time and effort into building out sandboxes.

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Integration Improvements for JIRA and Salesforce

Admins can mark JIRA projects as unavailable to agents who are using the integration. This allows for more controlled access to sensitive data. It also creates a better user experience for agents, who will only see the projects they’re working on in their JIRA app in Support.

Salesforce V5.5 update includes the ability to refresh data frequently providing a more detailed view of the data hierarchy.

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Zendesk Support Mobile App

We know it’s hard managing customer issues on-the-go and even trickier when an urgent response is required. So, we’ve made responding to tickets a smoother experience by making improvements to the commenting feature on the Zendesk Support mobile app.

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Apps Framework V2

Starting March 1st, updates to v1 apps will no longer be accepted. All new submissions must use the v2 framework. This new framework will continue to develop and support your team with a better experience. Existing v1 apps will continue to work as normal.

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Zendesk Guide iconGuide

Use your know-how

A smart knowledge base for better self-service and empowered agents.

Answer Bot for web forms

Answer Bot is only getting smarter.

We’re adding Answer Bot’s ticket deflection capabilities to web forms. With the use of deep learning models, Answer Bot suggests useful articles following a customer’s submission request. Customers will immediately see the suggested articles right when they need them.

Not to brag or anything, but customers in the Early Access Program achieved a self-service resolution rate over 18%.*

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*Customers surveyed to calculate this rate were limited to EAP customers with over 10 resolutions using Answer Bot

Answer Bot in new languages

¡Hola! Or Olá! Answer Bot is now multilingual.

Everybody’s favorite bot spent the last few months picking up a few new languages. It’s now fluent in Spanish and Portuguese.

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Team Publishing Beta

Make the most of your Guide experience with the addition of publishing and approval workflows, so larger teams can more easily collaborate on content. With Team Publishing, content managers can delegate article updates to other team members, review their changes, and stage content before making it live.

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SportsBet logo

“With Answer Bot, we were able to leverage powerful Machine Learning features without spending considerable time or resources on development and implementation.”

– Chris Nicolson, Technology & Project Delivery Lead, SportsBet

Zendesk Chat iconChat

Strike up a conversation

Live chat software that provides a fast and responsive way to connect with customers in real-time.

Dynamic Content for Shortcuts

The Dynamic Content for Shortcuts app lets you create a single shortcut, which is translated into all the languages you typically support. When a customer sends a chat, the app will detect their language and automatically send a translate shortcut.

You can say that is très bon or meget godt.

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“Dynamic Content, with macros and shortcuts is beneficial when training new or temporary agents - it vastly improves the on-boarding experience and we find their productivity increases at a far quicker rate.”

– Neil Banks, CS Communication, Policy & Reporting Manager at Deezer

Shopify App for Chat

Integrate your Shopify data into Chat and give customers a better experience. The Shopify app for lets you access relevant customer data such as order information, billing, and shipping from within Zendesk Chat. This reduces context-switching for agents, driving productivity, increasing customer satisfaction and ultimately lifetime value.

Learn more about the Shopify App for Zendesk Chat

Offline Forms for Messaging Channels

Be there for your customers whenever and wherever they need help, with the Chat Offline Form. Even if your business isn’t available on live chat 24 hours a day, customers can submit questions using the offline form or transfer the conversation to a messaging channel like Facebook Messenger or Twitter Direct Messages.

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Agent Status Metrics

To continue offering top notch service as your team grows, it's crucial to track agent availability. The latest addition to Chat Analytics lets you monitor agent status, down to the specific team member. This will provide better visibility into what’s working for your team.

Learn more about Agent Status Metrics

Zendesk Message: Available to all Zendesk Chat customers

Zendesk Message lets your agents chat with customers on their favorite messaging apps like Facebook Messenger, Twitter Direct Messages, and Line. With the launch of Message as a core part of Chat, we’re making Message free for all paying Chat customers.

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Agent Analytics in Message

See how your agents are performing on all social messaging channels with Agent Analytics for Zendesk Message.

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Redaction Beta

Customers or agents might send over credit card numbers during an active chat, even when they shouldn’t. The credit card redaction beta automatically hides credit card numbers from active conversations and chat histories—just to be safe.

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Redesigned iOS app

Get early access to the redesigned iPhone and iPad app. Be one of the first customers to download the latest version of the iOS app matching most functionalities found in the Android app update.

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Zendesk Talk iconTalk

Talk it out

Call center solution for more personal, productive phone support conversations.

Dashboard API

The Talk Dashboard API provides flexibility to create the custom dashboards and wallboards your team needs to manage your call center.

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Call Blocking Beta

The ability to block incoming calls is the newest gem added to our Talk Advanced feature set. The functionality allows you to block specific and/or pattern of numbers that you’ve flagged as unwanted or fraudulent.

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Conference Calling Beta

Agents can either transfer or add a third party caller to an active call with customers.

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Request a call from Web Widget Beta

Add voice as a customer service communication channel in Web Widget. With the “Request a Callback” feature, you control when and where you offer phone support to your customers viewing your website.

Learn more about Web Widget Callback Beta

Outbound is the newest member of the Zendesk family of products. Outbound gives you the tools to proactively reach out to customers—to deliver targeted messages, or offer support before they ask for help.

Help your business connect in ways to create better customer experiences.

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