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Make it right

A beautifully simple system for tracking, prioritizing, and solving customer support tickets.

Editor Apps

Send fast, personalized responses with Editor Apps — like Dropbox, Wistia, and Giphy — now appearing as apps in the text editor toolbar.

Behind-the-scenes improvements

As Zendesk continues to grow with our customers, we are making big investments in our infrastructure.

While customers won’t see these changes, they’ll certainly feel them as we migrate to Amazon Web Services for increased capacity and reliability. We are also making architectural changes to our platform to reduce network load as we scale with increasing customer data. And we are adding new security measures to identify traffic anomalies and better fight spam and abuse.

Improved data syncing for Salesforce and JIRA integrations

With improved syncing of business-critical apps like JIRA and Salesforce, customer support, sales, and engineering can collaborate more efficiently to improve customer service.

Scaling macro administration with multi-group macros

Share macros with more than one group at a time with multi-group macros, for an improved experience when managing macros at scale.

See inbound emails with full-HTML formatting

See inbound emails exactly as the customer intended with rich content in email.

HTML elements such as text formatting, images, and colors give agents context right in the ticket

Ticket forms in the Web Widget & Support SDK

Capture necessary customer information with ticket forms in the Web Widget, with the new flexibility to show all custom fields.

Build ticket forms into in-app contact forms with the Support SDK, to capture more context from mobile users.

Zendesk Support Administrator Certification

We’re happy to announce the first ever Zendesk Certification.

The Zendesk Support Administrator Certification is an official validation of Zendesk Support knowledge, and an assurance to businesses that their admins know how to do their job as well as possible.

“At Slack, our Support team has grown 17x in the past 24 months. Zendesk Apps have helped us seamlessly integrate our tools to help us keep up with our growth. The pre-built integrations provide more context to every customer interaction, so our team never has to leave Zendesk."

– Ali Rayl, Head of Customer Support, Slack

Zendesk Guide iconGuide

The evolution of Help Center

A smart knowledge base for better self-service and empowered agents

Introducing Guide

Say hello to Guide, the newest member of our product family. Guide started out as a Help Center feature, but has evolved into a powerful, smart knowledge base that works natively with Zendesk Support.

In addition to brand new features, we’ve made improvements to the admin interface, making it more intuitive and easier to navigate. Read all about it below.

Article history view

See how content has evolved over time with History View, which shows every change ever made to a knowledge base.

History View enables filters, too — by individual users, specific types of actions, and date and article status.

Knowledge Capture app (early access)

The Knowledge Capture app helps keep knowledge bases well stocked and up to date.

Turn customer interactions into improved self service content by creating new articles, sharing article links in tickets, and flagging content for improvements — all directly from the Zendesk Support agent interface.

Automatic XML Sitemap updates

Make sure self-service content appears front and center in Google search results. Guide automatically updates the XML Sitemap to help search engines find and index help center pages.

Add the Web Widget to your help center without code

Now it’s easier than ever to try out the Web Widget. Flip a switch in widget settings, and it’ll be live on help center — no need to copy and paste code.

“We’ve been with Zendesk for over six years, and help center has been essential — for our Support team, and to host Brightidea’s entire knowledge base. It offers a ton of functionality, and is easy to use for both end-users and internal employees.”

– Ron Orlovetskiy, Customer Support Manager at Brightidea

Zendesk Chat iconChat

Strike up a conversation

Live chat software that provides a fast and responsive way to connect with customers in real-time

Real-Time Monitor

Track current chat demand and allocate resources appropriately with Real-Time Monitor.

View key chat metrics, including queue size, customer wait time, and chat satisfaction, all on a single screen.

"The revamp of the Monitoring Dashboard has been essential to our team manager, who monitors the day to day activity of our customer service. As we scale our operations, it will become even more useful."

- Tomas Yangbyn, Head of Customer Service at Viaplay

Zendesk Talk iconTalk

Talk it out

Call center solution embedded in the Zendesk ticketing system

Callback from Queue

Boost customer satisfaction, reduce abandoned calls, and handle spikes in call volume without hiring more agents.

With Callback from Queue, callers can request a callback instead of waiting on hold. Their place in the queue is held, and callbacks are served to agents when they become available.

Call Monitoring

Train agents and ensure call quality with Call Monitoring. From the new Live Calls Dashboard, see every ongoing call, listen in on agent conversations, and join (or “barge”) calls when agents need support or escalation.

“We always want to be in tune with what our reps are saying to our members and what our members are saying to our reps. With Call Monitoring from Talk, it’s so nice to be able to jump in, listen to what’s going on right now, and be in the know.”

– Caitlin Logan, Director of Customer Experience, FabFitFun

Zendesk Message iconMessage

Stay in touch

Customer messaging software that helps companies engage customers on their favorite messaging apps

Sign up for the Message early access program.

Message Analytics

Message Analytics pulls information from messaging apps like Facebook Messenger and Twitter Direct Messages. Get insight into total conversations, first response time, response time, chat duration, and CSAT.

Outbound and Zendesk Connect are joining forces

Outbound enables businesses to automate and deliver relevant messages across web, email, and mobile channels, and to better measure their effectiveness. Outbound and Zendesk Connect are working together to improve the quality of customer interactions.

Check out Outbound

Read about the partnership