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This quarter we’re launching fresh new features and updates to our products and the Zendesk Developer Platform. Each new thing brings you one step closer to ironing out the best customer experiences. Scroll down to learn more about our skills-based routing enhancements, Answer Bot optimizations, and more.

Zendesk Support iconSupport

Make it right

A beautifully simple system for tracking, prioritizing, and solving customer support tickets.

Skills-Based Routing Enhancements - Views

Agents can now create a view for skills-based routing that includes any ticket conditions they want and add a filter to that view.

Learn more about the skills-based routing views enhancements.

Skills-Based Routing Enhancements - Reporting

Our reporting enhancements to skills-based routing will enable team leads access to metrics to improve the productivity of their teams and the customers experience.

Learn more about the skills-based routing reporting enhancements.

Side Conversations Enhancements

There are several enhancements coming to Side Conversations—including macros support, starting a side conversation from a comment, improved update notifications, and more.

Learn more about the upcoming enhancements to Side Conversations.

Interaction History and Essentials Card - Early Access

Show agents the right customer details on every ticket. With our customer context features, agents can access an Essentials Card that shows the customer’s relevant contact information. And with the Interaction History feature, agents can see all the past conversations they’ve had with the customer, allowing them to personalize and streamline their interactions.

Learn more about the Interaction History and Essentials Card early access program.

Email CCs & Followers - Early Access

Email CCs allows you to include agents and external users on ticket notifications. This will act like conventional email CC’ing functionality for agents, admins, and external users. Our Followers functionality allows internal users to monitor a ticket without notifying end users.

Contextual Workspaces - Early Access

With contextual workspaces, admins can create unique agent ticket interfaces customized to the agents workflow. Workspaces are set up based on ticket conditions and can show or hide relevant ticket fields, macros, and apps. This helps reduce agent effort and increases their overall productivity.

Learn more about the Contextual Workspaces early access program.

Support Mobile Enhancements

We’re making enhancements to our Support mobile apps by allowing agents to tag each other on tickets with @mentions. And for iPad users, we’re making enhancements so that customers will get access to richer features and see improved app performance.

Premium Sandbox - Limited Availability

Innovate on the platform while minimizing disruptions to your production environment. Premium Sandbox allows you to replicate and test new changes in a fully functional Sandbox while reducing operational risk and ensuring smoother product rollouts. It’s also an effective tool for onboarding new agents in a real-world environment before they start helping customers.

Slack for Zendesk Support V2

The Slack for Zendesk Support app was designed to bring all of your customer support interactions into a single place and help make customer service a team sport.

With message actions for creating tickets and adding comments, Slack for Zendesk Support empowers agents to deliver a better customer experience in every single interaction.

Learn more about the new Slack for Zendesk Support App and get started now.

Enhancements to Zendesk Support for Admins, I and II

For new admins, we’ve redesigned our introductory courses to help you learn best practices for navigating and configuring Support. We’ll cover topics like using business rules, triggers and automations to boost agent productivity as well as managing views, roles, and groups.

Enroll in Zendesk Support for Admins, I and II.

Training - Advanced Topics in Zendesk Support

Enhance your customers experience by learning how to configure advanced features in Zendesk Support to your needs—like ticket forms, user authentication, schedules, and SLAs. This course is for experienced admins who have mastered the basics and want to level up their support skills.

Zendesk Guide iconGuide

Use your know-how

A smart knowledge base for better self-service and empowered agents.

Answer Bot API - Early Access

Allow your developers to build their own self-service automation experiences using the Answer Bot infrastructure, deep learning models, and technology across any channel.

Answer Bot SDK - Early Access

Take advantage of Answer Bot in your mobile app with the new SDK extension. Address customer questions with in-context help without making them leave the app or disrupt their experience.

Rapid Resolve - Early Access

Give your customers a better experience and reduce your agents workload, by letting customers close their own tickets once an agent sends an article that addresses their issue.

Learn more about Rapid Resolve.

Answer Bot for Agents - Early Access

Make your agents even more effective with better knowledge at their fingertips. Answer Bot for agents will add AI-powered recommendations into the Knowledge Capture App, so the article suggestions are even more relevant.

Bulk Action

Manage your knowledge base in better ways with Bulk Actions. Update various article properties, such as labels and permissions, for multiple articles at once instead of one at a time.

Enhancements to Zendesk Guide for Admins, I

This redesigned course allows new admins to dive into Zendesk Guide by learning best practices for setting up an effective self-service experience, covering topics such as content creation, structure, and publishing.

Learn more about Enhancements to Zendesk Guide for Admins.

Zendesk Chat iconChat

Strike up a conversation

Live chat software that provides a fast and responsive way to connect with customers in real-time.

Chatbot solution

Use the new Chat Conversations API to integrate third party chatbots into your Chat experience. This gives you flexibility to embed customized, automated bots in Chat to provide your agents a helping hand and your customers a better experience.

Learn more about our Chatbot solution.

Push Notifications

Push notifications create new engagement opportunities with visitors by sending them messages on their mobile devices even when they’re not on your business mobile app.

Learn more about Push Notifications.

Shortcut enhancements

Take it up a notch and respond faster to tickets by organizing shortcuts by departments or agents.

Learn more about Shortcut enhancements.

Web widget integrated Chat experience - Early Access

We’re introducing a seamless integrated Zendesk Chat experience with Web Widget. You can now navigate between Chat and Help Center in Web Widget, receive incoming or proactive Chat messages while searching and viewing Help Center articles.

Learn more about Web widget integrated Chat experience.

Conversation History

Create more personal experiences for authenticated Chat visitors with the ability to view all their past conversations, across browsers and devices.

Learn more about Conversation History.

Redesigned agent experience - Early Access

Upgrade to a modern, intuitive experience for your agents on Chat. Now agents can organize conversations by visitors, receive visual notifications highlighting customer wait times and messages, and easily switch between conversations with their team, and external customers.

Learn more about the Redesigned agent experience.

Mobile Updates: Chat translations

Increase agent and admin productivity on mobile with support for automatic translations.

Learn more about Mobile Updates: Chat translations.

Zendesk Talk iconTalk

Talk it out

Call center solution for more personal, productive phone support conversations.

Overflow and After Hours Routing

Forward calls to an overflow agent or an after hours phone number when agents are busy, voicemail is unavailable, or during after-hours.

Call Blocking

Block numbers or patterns of numbers as unwanted or fraudulent to limit unwanted calls and maintain agent productivity.

Learn more about Call Blocking.

Conference Calling

Bring a third party into an ongoing phone call to consult experts or managers for faster resolution, allowing customers to get help without transferring and repeating themselves.

Learn more about Conference calling.

Zendesk Connect iconConnect

Be ahead of the game

Manage customer communication, letting you automate messages at scale and optimize your support.

Say hello to Zendesk Connect

Zendesk is excited to announce the launch of Connect, our proactive communication software that gives your support team the inside scoop on what customers need, want, and expect. Connect creates better communication across all channels, giving customers fewer reasons to ask for help, and more ways for you to offer it.

We’re offering this new product as limited availability with a progressive roll out.

Learn more about Zendesk Connect.

Developer Platform

Build it your way

Tools and services to embed, integrate, and extend the functionality of Zendesk.

Omnichannel Web Widget - Updates

Give your customers a transparent and responsive omnichannel support experience with the redesigned channel selector and performance enhancements for the omnichannel Web Widget.

Learn more about Omnichannel Web Widget.

Custom Resources - Updates

Custom Resources is in Limited Availability. This quarter we're adding new functionality to help you access and manage custom data entities. Sort your Custom Resources, use the new Bulk API to access resources at scale, and build more robust apps with integration into the apps framework requirements.

Learn more about Custom Resources.

Closed Preview Apps

Closed Preview is a new app state for developers to privately distribute their apps to select customers for testing before it’s published in the Zendesk Apps Marketplace. Later this quarter, developers will be able to submit Closed Preview Apps, manage, and distribute apps from a new admin console.

Slack Integration - Updates

We’re adding new features to the Zendesk for Slack integration. You can manually set ticket requester and assignee, a two-way sync between Slack and Zendesk users, and automated self-service resolution via Answer Bot directly into Slack.

Learn more about the new Slack Integration for Zendesk Support.

The Zendesk Developer Platform, Apps I

Customize, integrate, and extend Zendesk by building your own apps. The new Zendesk Developer Platform Apps course will dive deep into the app framework and you’ll get hand-ons experience building your first app.

Enroll in the Zendesk Developer Platform, Apps I course.

App Developer I Certification

The Customer Education team is excited to unveil the new App Developer I Certification. If you’re a whiz with our apps, APIs, and SDKs, you can make your technical expertise official and become certified on the Zendesk platform.

Learn more about the App Developer I Certification.

Zendesk Labs Apps

We’re releasing a new set of lightweight productivity apps that will be available on the Apps Marketplace.

Zendesk Labs is an innovation center within the Apps Marketplace, containing apps and integrations built by our team for customers. You can easily discover and install new productivity tools that you can take advantage of immediately without additional overhead.

Learn more about Zendesk Labs Apps.

For in-depth technical information on any of the features mentioned, visit our documentation page.

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