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Zendesk Connect iconConnect

Be ahead of the game

Manage customer communication, letting you automate messages at scale and optimize your support.

Say hello to Zendesk Connect

Zendesk is excited to announce the launch of Connect, our proactive communication software that gives your support team the inside scoop on what customers need, want, and expect. Connect creates better communication across all channels, giving customers fewer reasons to ask for help, and more ways for you to offer it.

We’re offering this new product as limited availability with a progressive roll out.

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Zendesk Support iconSupport

Make it right

A beautifully simple system for tracking, prioritizing, and solving customer support tickets.

Skills-Based Routing - Limited Availability

Route tickets to agents based on their skills sets. Skills are configured by admins, so specific agents are matched to specific ticket types. This will ensure that agents receive tickets they can solve effectively every time.

Learn more about the Skills-Based Routing limited availability release

Side Conversations - Early Access

Allow agents to collaborate with internal and external teams to get the right answers faster. Intuitive Side Conversations make it easy for agents to get the right context from people beyond the support team, letting them respond to customers more quickly.

Learn more about the Side Conversations Early Access Program

Contextual Workspaces - Early Access

Contextual Workspaces allow admins to create unique agent ticket interfaces. Workspaces are set up based on ticket conditions, and can show or hide relevant macros and apps. This will reduce agent effort and increase their overall productivity by giving them the right tools to solve the ticket at hand.

Learn more about the Contextual Workspaces Early Access Program

Interaction History and Essentials Card - Early Access

Let agents see the right customer details on every ticket. With Interaction History and Essentials Card, agents will have access to a customer profile card, showing customers’ contact information. It also provides a timeline of the most recent tickets a customer has submitted, allowing agents to personalize their responses each time.

Learn more about the Interaction History and Essentials Card Early Access Program

Email CCs & Followers - Early Access

Email CC's now allow you to include external users and agents on ticket notifications, and acts like conventional email CC's. The new Followers functionality allows internal users to monitor a ticket without having to notifying end users.

Email Attachments Enhancements

Your agents and customers can now include actual attachment files to emails, instead of having the file be uploaded as a link.

Learn more about Email Attachments Enhancements

Sender Authentication

Provide extra security to your inbound emails by enabling sender authentication. This can decrease the number of spam and spoofed emails that you receive.

Learn more about Sender Authentication

Custom Resources - Limited Availability

Custom Resources is a new capability in the Zendesk Developer Platform that makes it possible to store external data sources, like products or subscriptions, and connect them to the standard Zendesk Data Model (tickets, users, and organizations) for custom support needs.

Learn more about Custom Resources and sign up for the Limited Availability program now.

Slack for Zendesk Support Integration

Agents can view, create, and add internal notes to support tickets directly from Slack with the newest Slack for Zendesk Support integration.

Learn more about our new Slack Integration and sign up for the EAP now.

Support Mobile SDK v2

Build a modern support experience your customers will love with the new Zendesk Support Mobile SDK v2. The SDK has been refreshed to look and feel like native iOS and Android messaging apps and provides richer interactions, RTL language and emoji support, hyperlinking, and rich text formatting.

Learn more about the Support Mobile SDK v2

Training - Support eLearning Course for Agents

Master the fundamentals of Zendesk Support with this online, self-paced course. We will walk you through the agent interface and how to move a ticket through its lifecycle. Within an hour, you’ll be able to respond and solve your first ticket.

Learn more about the eLearning Support course for Agents

Training - Advanced Insights Course

Take Insights to the next level by building Custom Metrics. Learn how to elevate your impact by creating and reporting metrics that matter to your business. By the end, you will be able to build a metric and apply Conditional Formatting.

Learn more about building Custom Metrics

Training - Developer Platform Course

Get a crash-course on the Zendesk Developer Platform by learning the fundamentals of the platform and how to use the APIs, apps, and the SDK.

Learn more about what you can do with the platform

Training - Developer Certification

Our Customer Education team is excited to announce the new Developer Certification.

If you’re a whiz with our Apps, APIs, and SDK, make your technical expertise known by getting certified. You will be an invaluable asset to your team and go-to-person when it comes to Zendesk.

Be one of the first Zendesk developers to get certified

Training - Support Courses in New Languages

Our Customer Education is increasing accessibility to our global customers by offering existing Support courses in German and French. Onboard new Admins and increase your support coverage by learning the fundamentals of Support in your native language.

See what courses we offer in German and French

Zendesk Guide iconGuide

Use your know-how

A smart knowledge base for better self-service and empowered agents.

Say hello to Guide Enterprise

We’re excited to announce the launch of Guide Enterprise, a new plan that allows larger businesses to create the best self-service experience for their customers. Guide Enterprise comes packed with exciting new features such as Team Publishing, Knowledge Capture Integration, Content Cues, and Multibrand Help Centers.

Learn more about Guide Enterprise

Guide Enterprise - Team Publishing

Team Publishing allow teams to collaborate on content with ease through approval and publishing workflows. Content managers can assign out content updates, review new articles and edit existing ones before making the changes public.

Learn more about Team Publishing


“The Team Publishing workflow allowed us to streamline our knowledge creation process by making it much easier for agents to create articles and have them reviewed. This means that articles which once took a week to publish are now live in 1-2 days. One of the features our team loves is the ability to assign an article to someone for review, which sends an automatic email notification so they know there’s something waiting for them without having to monitor the queue.”

— Mary Paez, Knowledge Manager at Veeva

Guide Enterprise - Content Cues

Content Cues empowers content managers by identifying gaps in your knowledge base. Powered by machine learning, Content Cues automatically reviews incoming support tickets and existing help center articles to provide suggestions on the types of articles that are missing or should be improved, so it’s easy to optimize your content.

Learn more about Content Cues

Guide Enterprise - Multibrand Help Centers

Multibrand makes it easy to keep your customers engaged throughout their entire experience by having a unique help center, community, and customer portal for each of your brands, products, or services.

Learn more about Multibrand Help Centers

In-Editor Knowledge Capture App

The Knowledge Capture app now has a new location in the Editor bar, which makes it easier for agents to access knowledge recommendations while solving tickets. Agents can still access, link and create knowledge from the Knowledge Capture App, but we’ve also added an article preview, quick links, and improved link tracking so it’s even easier to use.

Learn more about the new in-editor Knowledge Capture App

Google Documents Importer

Import documents from Google directly into your Zendesk Guide knowledge base, making it even easier to get started with Guide or to continue building out your knowledge base.

Learn more about the Google Docs Importer

Answer Bot - New Languages

Bonjour, our favorite bot continues to pick up languages like a pro. Answer Bot is now fluent in French, German, and Dutch, giving you more opportunities to help customers find the answers they need and resolve tickets.

Learn more about Answer Bot in new languages

Answer Bot in Web Widget

Answer Bot in the Web Widget makes it easy for users to self-serve from Guide articles with a conversational, chat-like experience. With Answer Bot, agents are freed up from simple, repetitive tasks and can focus on more complex support issues.

Learn more about Answer Bot in Web Widget and sign up for the EAP now.

Services - Guide Services

Whether you’re launching self-service for the first time or refining your strategy, we can provide you with the knowledge and best practices to be successful.

To learn more about Guide Services, consult your account team.

Check out our favorite apps and partners for Zendesk Guide

  • Knowledge Capture Knowledge Capture

    The Guide Knowledge Capture app strengthens your team's collective knowledge. Let agents search, link, flag, and create articles all from the ticket interface.

  • Algolia Algolia

    Algolia gives users instant feedback on the keywords they’re typing, allowing them to find what they’re looking for more quickly.

  • Unbabel Unbabel

    Unbabel provides automated Help Center translations to localize FAQ content in 28 languages.

  • Qordoba Qordoba

    Qordoba provides intelligent localization for your Help Center articles, including integrations with key app development platforms and technologies.

  • Diziana Diziana

    Get custom design, specialized branding, ready-to-use themes, and templates for your knowledge base.

See more in the Apps Marketplace

Zendesk Chat iconChat

Strike up a conversation

Live chat software that provides a fast and responsive way to connect with customers in real-time.

Chat Reporting in Insights

Analyze your Zendesk Chat metrics in more detail. Insights (powered by GoodData) can gather all your chat metrics like chat volume, durations, first response time, and satisfaction scores. You can even report on these metrics alongside Zendesk Support, Talk, and Guide*.

Learn more about Chat reporting with Insights

*Guide reporting in Insights is limited to Knowledge Capture App and Answer Bot.

Credit Card Redaction

With redaction activated, credit card numbers entered into a chat are automatically hidden from the customer and agent. It also redacts from an agent's chat history.

Learn more about Credit Card Redaction

Integrated Chat Experience in Web Widget

Now Chat is integrated with the core Zendesk Web Widget experience. And with Chat Conversation History, agents can look back in time for more customer context and deliver world class chat-based support.

Learn more about the Integrated Chat Experience and sign up for the EAP now.

Redesigned Apps for iOS

The new version of iOS app provides iPad support, split view mode, shortcut support, and much more.

Learn more about our redesigned apps for iOS

Apple Business Chat Beta

Zendesk empowers businesses to provide more personal and timely support to customers via the Messages app.

Learn more about Apple Business Chat Beta

Training - Chat eLearning Course for Agents

Master the fundamentals of Zendesk Chat with this online, self-paced course. We will show you how Chat can improve the quality and efficiency of your customer interactions. By the end of this session, you’ll engage in your first chat.

Learn more about the eLearning Chat course for Agents

Zendesk Talk iconTalk

Talk it out

Call center solution for more personal, productive phone support conversations.

Phone Number Expansion

Zendesk Talk launched new toll-free, SMS, and local voice numbers into product and beta. This brings the total number of countries covered to 75. Now you can offer more personal, productive phone support to customers in more countries, like Argentina (local & toll-free), Colombia (toll-free), Greece, Romania, Indonesia, and Korea.

Learn more about new Zendesk Talk Phone Numbers

Callback from Queue and Textback from IVR in multiple languages

Zendesk Talk customers that offer phone support in languages other than English can now use Callback from Queue and Textback from IVR. With Callback from Queue, allow customers to request a callback instead of waiting to reach an agent. Textback from IVR gives callers the option to switch support from phone to text.

Learn more about Callback from Queue and Textback from IVR in multiple languages

Request a Callback from Web Widget

The Zendesk Talk and Web Widget teams have joined forces to deliver an exciting new feature — Request a Callback, now in limited availability.

Manage your call volume with Request a Callback from Web Widget. Provide your customer service phone number and wait time, and allow customers to request a callback when an agent is available.

We are offering this feature in limited availability with a progressive roll-out.

Learn more about Request a Callback from Web Widget

Training - Talk eLearning Course for Agents

Learn the fundamentals of Zendesk Talk with this online course. You will learn how to use Talk to improve the customer experience through live phone conversations and SMS/MMS. By the end of this lesson, you will learn how to receive and transfer calls, make outbound calls, and return customers' calls when they've requested a callback.

Learn more about the eLearning Talk course for Agents