Updated October 2016

What's new

As you might have noticed, we look pretty different. That’s because Zendesk is now a big, happy family of products, including two brand new additions—Explore and Connect. On top of all that, we’ve made improvements to Support, Help Center, Chat, and Talk.


Formerly known as Zendesk

A beautifully simple system for tracking, prioritizing, and solving customer support tickets.

A customizable web widget, with attachments

New Web Widget functionality allows you to customize the widget design and enable file attachments.

Change the look, feel, and placement of the Web Widget to match your brand and user needs. And end-users can now attach files to questions submitted through the widget to give context to support agents.

Learn more about customization options and attachments.

New comment filters, improved business rule pages, and a ticket trash can

User experience enhancements for support agents and admins make managing complexity a breeze.

Get deleted tickets back with the ticket trash can. New ticket comment filters let agents get to the crux of lengthy conversations. And new business rule pages save time by searching, sorting, and managing macros in bulk.

A refreshed Support app

The Support app has been redesigned, so you can get work done faster when you’re on the go.

Save time with improved push notifications, redesigned ticket views, and quick actions on tickets.
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New integrations on the new Channel Framework

Automatically create tickets from Amazon, eBay, and Trustpilot with integrations built on the Channel Framework.

With these new channel integrations, reviews, comments, or messages automatically create tickets. And replies made in Zendesk post right back to the original source.

These integrations were built on the Channel Framework (an extension of our Apps Framework) which easily turns data from external sources into tickets in Zendesk.
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“The Trustpilot and Zendesk integration has been a huge time saver. It’s allowed us to control everything related to reviews in one place.”

– Adam Young, Social Media, RC Willey

Better JIRA And Salesforce integrations

The JIRA and Salesforce integrations improve visibility and collaboration between customer support, product, and sales teams.

JIRA users can now surface all issues connected to Zendesk tickets, helping product teams with prioritization. Learn more.

Salesforce users can apply Zendesk ticket forms when viewing or editing tickets inside of Salesforce.
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Learn how Lonely Planet consolidates guidebook support, mobile support, and internal feature request tracking in Zendesk Support.

Help Center

A self-service destination with articles, interactive forums and community that helps customers help themselves.

Requests made easier for end users

Improvements to end-user submission, viewing and management of requests make it easier than ever for your customers to self-serve.

Customers can now identify missing fields when submitting a request, sort requests in "My Activities," close a ticket without adding comments, and copy additional people directly in their request. And an automatic redirect to "latest comments" ensures the latest information is right at their fingertips.
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Formerly known as Zopim

Live chat software that provides a fast and responsive way to connect with customers in the moment.

A brand new look for the chat app

The Zendesk Chat Android App has a more reliable backend, new features, and a fresh haircut (well, design).

Along with improvements in stability and battery life consumption, we’ve applied Google’s Material Design framework, so the app looks great on every modern Android device.

New features include tag support, inter-agent chat, accessibility improvements for customers with visual impairments, and support for 28 languages.

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Take a detour to our app on the Google Play store and see why it has a 4.2 star rating and nearly 2,000 5-star reviews.

Filtered views and chat transfer with departments

Spread the workload between departments to increase productivity and reduce overload.

The new Department filter in the Visitor List shows how many chats each team is handling and which ones are overstaffed.

And we’ve improved the chat transfer. Now you can transfer to any department — including your own.

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Learn how Edmunds.com resolves 87% of their tickets in one touch using Chat.


Formerly known as Voice

Call center software built into Support for more personal and productive phone support conversations.

Transfer to groups to collaborate with ease

Transfer callers to agent groups or individual agents, and search for available agents or groups to connect callers to the right person.

Transfer to groups allows agents to transfer callers to agent groups in addition to individual agents. This makes it easier to collaborate on more efficient phone support.
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Customer messaging software to manage on-going conversations with customers through their favorite messaging app

Message is still brand spankin’ new, and looking for customers for the Early Access Program.Early Access Program


Formerly known as BIME

Introducing a new analytics product to measure and understand the entire customer experience

A holistic data experience

One place to report on all of your Zendesk products.

Report and analyze data from Support, Help Center, Talk, and Chat. Prescriptive dashboards showcase metrics that you need to track, and advanced customizations help tailor your analyses.
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Understand the entire customer experience

Bring together all the customer data you care about.

Identify how customer touchpoints are working at every step of their journey. Bring together data from your website, product, CRM, campaigns, contact center, and more.
See how it works.

Keep your company in the loop

Easily collaborate and take action on your analyses.

First, arm yourself with up-to-the-minute Zendesk data. Then, share analyses and dashboards with your entire organization, partners, or customers—and be notified when something goes awry.
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Make the right connections.

Everything about a customer, in one place

See a historical timeline of all of the interactions a customer has had with your organization on the Customer Profile.

Connect lets you import customer data and combine it with customer interactions from all your Zendesk products. An event-based timeline shows customer history, including where they’ve been on your website, when they needed support, and why.
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Find Your People

Create customer segments to engage with individuals more meaningfully.

Filter based on customer behaviors, actions, or attributes let you create meaningful customer segments to engage with.
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Trigger timely in-product messages

Design and send a welcome message or features announcement to the right people, at the right time.

Design a contextual campaign—trigger in-product messages based on segments, or send a one-off campaign to your whole list.
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