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Right now, your customers need you more than ever. At Zendesk, our top priority is you, and we’re working hard to improve the functionality across all our products. We’re focused on making sure you have the right support during this new normal. Check out the latest product updates as you continue to provide the best experiences—no matter what.



Child Ticket Side Conversations

Streamline internal workflows within Support by creating a new side conversation via a Support child ticket. Sign up for the EAP.

Also new this quarter…


Content blocks

Create, manage, and update content that lives in multiple places with content blocks. Any changes that you make to content blocks will occur across all articles that reference that block at once. Learn more about content blocks.

Also new this quarter…



Celebrate, recognize, and reward the members in your community with badges. With different badge styles at your disposal, this is a great way to boost community engagement and show your appreciation.

EAP will happen in two phases:

Phase one will be an API-based approach, and phase two will include out of the box functionality.

Learn more about badges.


Chat apps

Connect your favorite business tools and bring customer context and information into Chat.

This is now available for Chat-only customers. Learn more about chat apps.

Also new this quarter…


Call quality

Allow agents to monitor network and audio issues live with notifications. Also, you can generate call quality reports in Explore.

Learn more about call quality.



Sunshine Workflows with Profiles and Events

Utilize third party profile details within your workflow and view workflow events within the interactions history. Sign up for the Sunshine Workflows EAP.

Also new this quarter…

Sunshine Conversations

SDK enhancements

Deliver a modern messaging experience on web and mobile, complete with proactive messages. Learn more about Sunshine Conversations SDKs.

Also new this quarter…

Analytics & AI


Tag reporting enhancements

Use the "INCLUDES" analytics function in calculated metrics and attributes to easily report on tags for tickets, articles, calls, and more. Learn more about tag reporting enhancements.

Also new this quarter…

Answer Bot

Languages for Answer Bot

Answer Bot speaks 11 new languages including Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Russian, and more. Learn more about the extended language support for Answer Bot.

Also new this quarter…