Customer Support For Growing Businesses

Keep it personal

Businesses grow when they treat their first customers like people instead of transactions. That’s because customers remember and return for good service. But as a company gets bigger, it can be tough to keep individual relationships strong. Zendesk helps businesses treat their customers well even as the number of transactions grows.

A home base to touch base

Zendesk lets customers connect with businesses on the channels they prefer. And because it’s all managed in one place, it’s easy for teams to track customer conversations and pick up where they left off.

"Zendesk was easy to learn, simple to use, and making changes takes no time at all."

Jen Grim, Director of Customer Service at UncommonGoods

Work better together

Zendesk helps businesses provide great support without getting in each other’s way.

Fast track communication

Streamline your support with time-saving tools like ticket views, macros, and business rules.

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Empower your customer

Build a branded Help Center to encourage customers to help themselves.

Help Center

Provide a seamless experience

Reduce customer effort and embed support where your customers are.


Dive deeper

Measure your team’s performance with analytics built right into Zendesk.



"Zendesk enabled us to grow closer to our customers again."

— David Barnes, Head of Customer Service at Rapha

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We play nice

With hundreds of integrations in our apps marketplace, you can integrate your favorite applications. If you’re eager to build your own integration, you can with Zendesk’s flexible API framework. Below are a few of our favorite integrations for small businesses.

Small to medium to large

Zendesk has tools to support you as your small business continues to flourish.

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