UCLA Department of Psychology

Zendesk Support helps a small team serve a large user base

  • Use Case Internal
  • Student Body 43,000+
  • Department Staff 200
  • Favorite Feature Triggers
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Based in LA, CA, The University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) is one of nine campuses of the University of California.

UCLA’s Department of Psychology, one of the largest and most productive departments in the nation, boasts state-of-the-art facilities and numerous resources that provide abundant opportunities for innovative research. The renowned faculty members have received over $14 million in annual extramural funding, and are acknowledged leaders in their fields.

Like most universities, UCLA seeks to run its campus services efficiently so that it can devote more resources to teaching and research. The Department of Psychology is no exception, maintaining a core help desk staff of just two to handle support requests from more than 200 staff, instructors, and researchers.

“For years, we’ve received support requests in a variety of ways—by email, by phone and in person—with needs that range from simple password requests to complex issues,” said Cathy McCann, Help Desk Supervisor for the department. “”While we strive to be available, it became clear to me that we would be more efficient if we had a simple trouble ticket system to track everything centrally. We also wanted a web-based help desk so we wouldn’t have to spend resources on internal IT.”

“Zendesk Support’s price, convenience, and ease of use were unbeatable,” McCann said. “The solution delivers loads of features, but at the same time, it’s really easy to use—both for me and for our users—and highly configurable.”

As a small team servicing a large user base that varies widely in technical aptitude, McCann needs to be sure that there is tight communication when it comes to resolving issues. Triggers—automatic actions that take place when certain conditions are met as defined by an organization’’s support workflow—take discussions that used to happen in the hallways or over multiple emails and consolidates them into a single, trackable conversation.

“Zendesk Support’s triggers are ideal for helping a small staff communicate effectively with users,” says McCann. “With Support, every time the system is updated, the user receives a status update by email and they know we haven’t forgotten about them.””

McCann also noted that she’s had a smooth experience dealing with Zendesk staff. “Normally, when you call a company with a question, you get transferred all over the place,” McCann said. “Whenever I’ve called Zendesk, I’ve connected with the right person very quickly.” This helps keep her team’s productivity high—and her users happy.

“I’’m delighted at the partnership we’ve formed with Zendesk.””

– Cathy McCann Help Desk Supervisor at the UCLA Department of Psychology