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With proactive support and AI-powered ticket intelligence, IrisAgent makes it easy for support teams to work collaboratively with product and engineering organizations to prevent escalations, drive informed action, and align on what really matters.

We take simple, repetitive tickets off your support team’s plate, but we’re more than just a chatbot. We take a 360-degree view of customer support operations, leveraging product and user context to gain meaningful insight into the ‘why’ behind tickets associated with bugs, performance issues and outages to create support workflows and recommend operational improvements.

Resolve tickets with real-time product and user context

We integrate customer support with engineering and product sources, such as Jira, PagerDuty, Slack and many others, to contextualize user issues and prevent costly engineering escalations.

  • Resolve tickets more quickly

  • Estimate the support impact of every product issue and prioritize accordingly

  • Proactively manage customer support, manage customer expectations and build customer loyalty.

Let AI resolve common, repetitive tickets

Don't reinvent the wheel for every common support ticket. Leverage AI and save your team's time.

  • AI-powered recommended resolution by learning from similar tickets and previous responses

  • Suggested knowledge base articles by indexing knowledge from different places. Spend less time searching for answers and find the best matching articles to help resolve the ticket faster

Automatic Tagging and Sentiment Analysis

IrisAgent discovers tags customized to your domain and automatically tags new tickets. Eliminate manual and inaccurate tagging.

  • Automatic tagging for new incoming tickets.

  • Route tickets to the right support agent based on their expertise

  • Sentiment detection on support tickets to gauge customer unhappiness and prevent customer escalations.

  • Discover features being talked about most negatively. With built-in analytics, discover insights like which product features get most 'how-to' tickets.

Contact us for a personalized demo and discover your IrisAgent can optimize your support operations.

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