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Keatext turns every customer conversation into a business opportunity by providing insights into customers' buying decisions and the customer journey experience. Within minutes, Keatext analyzes thousands of chat conversations, support tickets, and call transcripts on a daily basis to provide a 360º view on customers' problems, likes, expectations, and requests.

Through advanced text analytics and dashboards, Keatext enables brands to discover blind spots and prioritize adjustments in a timely and cost effective way. With Keatext, companies can:

  • Analyze conversations that ended in a transaction to understand purchase decisions

  • Identify negative and positive sentiments in conversations to assess agent performance

  • Manage support tickets and identify recurring customer issues to optimize costs and time to resolution

By integrating with Zendesk, conversational data is instantly available for analysis in Keatext. Dashboards provide an overview of the analysis according to KPIs such as sentiment score or top customer requests and expectations. Brands can dive deeper into conversations and build advanced visualizations, all while leveraging Keatext’s AI-powered text analytics.

Keatext is led by a team of elite researchers and AI professionals who combine academic rigor and practical experience across fields such as Natural Language Understanding (NLU), software engineering, and product development.

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