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Employee Satisfaction Survey Guide

We know that having satisfied employees leads to having satisfied customers. Positive energy can be contagious, but unfortunately, so can employee dissatisfaction. It’s worth knowing what drives satisfaction in your workplace, as well as knowing how, when, and who to ask the appropriate questions through a survey to find out.

How to create an employee satisfaction survey?

Our Employee Satisfaction Survey Guide provides a step-by-step guidebook towards crafting an ideal employee satisfaction survey for your company. We’ve highlighted the best steps for how a survey can engage employees and ultimately better the organization, including:

  • Best practices for how often to survey employees

  • Ideal times to survey new employees

  • What questions to ask, depending on how long the employee has been at the company

  • Example questions that are often included in effective surveys

  • Who should administer an employee satisfaction survey

  • Making the best use out of the survey results

Employee satisfaction survey FAQs

What is the purpose of an employee engagement survey?

An employee satisfaction survey allows management to get a better idea of how employees feel about their workplace. A manager can tailor survey questions to assess specific issues, and utilize feedback from the survey to understand what’s working, what could be improved, and if employee satisfaction is at an optimal level. What employees have to say can be telling, but the right questions need to be asked. So how can a manager know what questions should be asked in a survey?

How to measure employee satisfaction survey?

  1. Cleanse the text of personally identifying information

  2. Aggregate numerical results

  3. Look for patterns in open-ended text answers

  4. Communicate results to the leadership team

  5. Decide which critical issues to address

  6. Communicate the results back to the team

Why complete an employee satisfaction survey?

Potential benefits to employees and the company
A curated survey can identify the factors that lead to better productivity, a more enjoyable work culture, and a better connection between respondents and their supervisors

Great way for employers to understand employee engagement
It can be difficult for leadership to fully understand what’s going on with employees and what might be hindering their job satisfaction. Getting actionable employee feedback can give them the insights they need.

Increase customer and employee retention
Satisfied employees stay with companies longer which attracts more skilled and qualified workers. This in turn leads to better customer satisfaction.

Every company should see to it that employee satisfaction is a priority, and an employee satisfaction survey is an effective way to turn it into data. Likewise, management should make employees feel trusted and provide them with the opportunity to benefit themselves. With the right questions, they can improve their organization and work environment. Give employees a well-thought out survey to address any issues with constructive feedback.

Employee Satisfaction Survey Guide