Attachments Plus

Displays all attachments and links of the ticket


The app helps you to quickly view all attachments and links of the ticket. It consists of the three tabs (Images, Files, Links), the search field and sorting filters. The search and sorting filters work throughout all the three tabs, so it easy to find necessary file or link.

On the Images tab, you'll see previews of all images that have been added to the ticket. You can click on any preview to open a pop-up and see a larger image.

On the Files tab, you'll find a list of non-image attachments. If you click on a file name, the file will be downloaded immediately.

The Links tab displays a list of all links mentioned in the ticket. You can click on a link to open it in a new window.

  • Easy to use and download attachments
  • Sort images, files, and link by date added, name, and author's name
  • Search attachments by name
  • Preview and download images in a pop-up window
  • Uses icons to visualize file type
  • Free while in beta

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