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How to make sure that your customers always receive a qualified clear answer in their native language? Incorrectly interpreted information during the сommunication in a foreign language causes misunderstanding and a low rate of your business growth.

We know how to save you and your clients from missing the same point. offers round-the-clock online customer support using the Zendesk Translate app. You get satisfied customers who received a timely response with our multilingual support service and strengthen your reputation as a reliable service provider. Zendesk and Translate integration support your sales agents by combining machine and professional human translation of tickets into 90 languages using an integrated platform. Your client enters a request and receives an accurate translation, the quality of which is checked by our expert translators.

Benefits of Zendesk's multilingual support

  • Customers feel more confident communicating in their native language and receiving online support in it. All Zendesk ticket translators are native speakers who provide high-quality translations taking into account all the localization aspects
  • app helps you solve complex questions quickly in any language at a market-leading price
  • Over 100,000 translations completed by over 17,000 professional translators
  • Native Zendesk integration eliminating the hassle of copying and pasting of text
  • Option to eliminate customer-sensitive or private data to respect client’s privacy
  • Enable Macros & Zendesk Support Triggers translation to help you manage the workflow
  • Glossary & Translation memory feature let you craft support replies and wording, and also save on translation
  • offers several levels of effective security and privacy for assurance that your client’s data is safely processed
  • Just-in-time machine translation delivery & human translation on-demand
  • Advanced HTTPS security and encryption for all information transmission to Zendesk support

How it works

When foreign customers need assistance with their requests, most agents may face difficulties in translating the messages.

  1. Zendesk application instantly performs machine translation of a client's request and redirects it to you.
  2. If there is any ambiguity, proficient translators perform human translation at your agent's request.

It is easier to understand the meaning of a client's request than to write a beautifully detailed response using simple machine translation. This is where human translation, performed by native multilingual speakers, comes to the rescue.

  1. When you have completed the correct response to your client, add #translate to your answer using an internal note of the app.
  2. We will receive the response and forward it to our Translation Portal.
  3. When the ticket is completed, we will forward it to your agents.

Improve client relationships communicating with them in their native language!

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