Single Sign-On (SSO) and Granular Multi-Factor Authentication for Zendesk

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UserLock provides enterprise-caliber access management for on-premises and hybrid AD environments of any size that want a cost-effective, easy-to-use and scalable solution to protect employee access to the corporate network and cloud applications, no matter where they work.

A comprehensive solution, UserLock protects against unauthorized user access to prevent network breaches, while satisfying compliance and insurance requirements.

Using your employees’ existing AD identities, UserLock allows you to combine single sign-on (SSO) with multi-factor authentication (MFA) and session management for secure, frictionless access to network and cloud applications, like Zendesk.

Single Sign-On

UserLock’s SSO allows your users to log in only once (with optional MFA) using their existing on-premise AD credentials to seamlessly access Zendesk.

Reduce Complexity

  • Continue to use on-premises AD as the single identity provider.

  • No need to create a new directory for user IDs.

  • Effortlessly scale SSO across all AD users.

  • Streamline access to all cloud resources for improved user productivity.

Enhance Security

  • Stop password sprawl from several different cloud applications.

  • Easily combine with MFA and session management.

  • Leverage existing investment in AD security.

  • Keep authentication on-premises, even for remote user access.

Multi-Factor Authentication

UserLock teams up seamlessly with your on-premise AD to secure access to network and cloud resources, making it easy to scale MFA across your organization.

  • Easy configuration: Customize and activate MFA by User, Group or Organizational Unit to make it easy even for larger user bases.

  • Easy adoption: Manage the time users have to enroll in MFA, by allowing them to skip configuration and feedback any problems.

  • Easy application: UserLock automatically detects new endpoints, from wherever users are connecting from, and ensures MFA restrictions are immediately applied.

You can enable UserLock MFA across Windows login, RDP, RD Gateway, VPN, IIS connections, and via SSO access to cloud applications like Zendesk.

And to make adoption even easier, you have the choice between using an authentication app or hardware tokens, like YubiKey and Token2.

Session Management

Working alongside AD, UserLock allows you to apply customized login restrictions by user, group or organizational unit (OU).

  • Monitor all access events in real time.

  • Limit access by location, time, session type, or limit simultaneous connections.

  • Track, alert and respond to all users’ logon and logoff activity.

  • React remotely with any session and respond to login behavior.

  • Audit and report on all user connection events.

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