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TethrItNow is a realtime tech support.

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TethrIt Now

Instant Augmented Reality Video Calls. No App or Password Needed. Any Device.

Tethr It Now is a real-time, video-calling platform connecting experts and users to troubleshoot technical problems. Virtual support gives teams eyes and ears around the globe allowing companies to serve a global customer base seamlessly. Tethr It Now’s web-based platform requires no app, log-in, or meeting notice and supports iOS and Android devices. Simple architecture allows instant connection with no complications. Integrate Tethr It Now into current workflows including Salesforce, Genesys, Vuzix, Realwear, and CDK Global.
### Features

* AR Annotation and Live Pointer
* Inbound Call Rolling and Skills Routing
* Multi-Party Conference Calling
* Call Recording
* ERP, CRM, SDK, and API Integration
* Optimized Streaming Quality
* Take and Save Photos
* Content and Media Sharing
* Geolocation
* Hands-Free Device Compatible
* Customizable White Label Options

### Tethr It Insights (Add-on Option)
Tethr It Insights captures and analyzes human conversations with your customers and employees for your company to continuously learn from past conversations.  Using Natural Language Processing, Insights creates patterns proven to lead to quicker efficiencies with operational processes, augmenting that data by understanding the contextual conversations between people will elevate insights into business processes and lead to greater loyalty with your brand.  Tethr It Insights enables customers to enhance augmented reality experiences, improve technical support network, organize your asset management hub, support users through self-service, standardize job workflows, and enhance capabilities and efficiency.

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