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Outside vs. inside sales: Business and individual perspectives

Though the lines are increasingly blurred, sales roles are typically divided into outside vs inside sales. Someone who is well suited to an inside sales role may not like outside sales at all, and vice versa.


How to increase sales: 5 data-driven principles

Want to know how to increase sales? Based on compelling sales data, here are 5 principles that sales managers and reps can use to impact their own sales.


Download Sell’s free sales forecast template

There are ways to estimate relatively accurate sales revenue thanks to sales forecasting. Get started with our sales forecast template.


The 5 step sales process road map (infographic)

Let's walk through the key steps in the sales process starting with how to create a roadmap, moving from prospecting to qualified leads and finally closing.


What is account management?

Review what makes a good account manager, the difference between account management and sales management, account management best practices and more.


Build a watertight B2B sales funnel in 5 steps

A B2B sales funnel is key to nurturing existing customer relationships and improving the sales process. Discover 5 tips on how to create a sales funnel.


11 important sales pipeline metrics to track in 2019

Learn the most important sales pipeline metrics to understand and optimize if you want to gain more leads, keep prospects moving through the sales funnel, and close more deals.


How to build a sales pipeline (and why you should)

Learn how to build a sales pipeline to help you forecast better, close more deals, and fully leverage the knowledge your team has about the way your customers buy your product.


Sales pipeline template for teams in 2019

The most successful sales teams are also the most organized. Get started with sales pipeline management with Zendesk Sell's sales pipeline template.


6 pipeline reports that will help you optimize the sales funnel

Use these six main pipeline reports to gain insight into current pipeline performance and become a more successful sales team.


34 powerful CRM reports you should be using

Your CRM allows you to spend time analyzing reports, rather than creating them. CRM reporting provides valuable insights that can improve your sales process. But do you know which reports can provide answers to which sales questions?


4 steps for aligning sales and finance forecasts

Explore how communication and the proper sales tools can create a strong synergy between sales and finance, yielding increased visibility and accountability within your company's forecasts.


Overcome forecasting anxiety with a scientific sales forecasting model

Learn how to overcome forecasting anxiety by using a data-guided process: from giving your scoring strategy a tune-up to measuring across conversion points, these strategies will help you build a solid sales forecasting model.


What makes good sales data?

How do you determine whether or not the data you have is good? Here are the types and tenets of good sales data you need to make winning decisions.

Sales pipeline management: A 7-step plan Article

Sales pipeline management: A 7-step plan

The basic idea of sales pipeline management is to estimate the upcoming sales you’re aiming to…


5 essential sales forecasting techniques

Sales forecasting is a key component of any business. Implement correct sales forecasting techniques to improve your business decisions.


Change your sales team’s behavior: 6 metrics that act as negative or positive sales incentives

Sales incentives drive positive or negative sales rep behavior. Here are 6 metrics: 3 incentivize short-term gains and 3 incentivize long-term success.


13 important sales metrics and when to use them

Sales metrics are important, but knowing which ones to track can be confusing. Learn about the best metrics to use to better understand leads and deals.


Why Activity Metrics Are Killing Your Sales

Just like data can drastically improve your sales, focusing on the wrong data points and metrics can absolutely kill your business. One type of metric that is commonly misused to the detriment of sales teams is activity metrics.