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Chatbots and the future of real-time communication

Last updated November 28, 2017

Companies are using chatbots to scale more and more. While chatbots are powerful engagement tools, they often fall short in creating personalized, human interactions. Brands must focus on letting chatbots do what they do best, so that humans can do what they do best: creating genuine, emotional, and personalized support experiences in the midst of emerging technologies.

In this interactive eBook, we discuss chatbot abilities and limitations, the importance of human support, and how to make a clean switch from bot support to human support.

Some bot-to-human handover best practices include:

  • Creating an escape-hatch
  • Autoresponders
  • Managing expectations
  • Transparency
  • How to train your support team

For an ideal bot-to-human messaging environment, read our guide on chatbots here.
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