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View Salesloft Peoples module data on demand

View your Salesloft data within the Zendesk window. On the Right panel of the People module agent can Add / View Salesloft data without leaving Zendesk Interface. This Zendesk-Salesloft CRM Integration enables you to keep your sales and support teams in sync with less effort

Seamless two-way Salesloft & Zendesk integration Centralized view of customer's information and email correspondence within Zendesk * Ability to create People with Salesloft, through the eWidget

If the People's email address in Zendesk is not available in your Salesloft account, you can add the People's details in Salesloft right from the Zendesk page, without having to switch tabs. Access, manage, and add your Salesloft info within Zendesk.

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