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CX Trends 2023: Immersive CX marks the dawn of a new era in service

Despite economic turbulence and rising customer expectations, companies remain optimistic about the future. That hope is grounded in plans to invest in immersive CX, which is being driven by five distinct trends.

By Adrian McDermott, Chief Technology Officer, Zendesk

Last updated September 20, 2023

If there has been one constant over the past three years, it is change—how we work, live and consume have all been radically transformed, and as a result, businesses have witnessed dramatic shifts in consumer expectations.

This period of widespread change has led many businesses to invest more in the customer experience and as 2023 begins, the scope of consumer demands has come into sharper focus. Zendesk’s research has revealed that customers increasingly expect immersive experiences and for those businesses that have responded to those demands, their strategic investments have started to pay off.

77% of business leaders have seen positive ROI on investments in immersive experiences.

As a result, business leaders have begun to embrace the idea that meeting consumer demands for immersive experiences will result in tangible revenue gains. Zendesk discovered that 81% of leaders see customer experience and support as growing priorities in the coming year and while many continue to keep a close eye on uncertain economic conditions, a sense of cautious optimism prevails.

So what is immersive CX and how can you create the kind of customer experiences that will help your business remain competitive in a rapidly changing market? Let us take a look.

What is immersive CX?

Simply put, immersive CX means natural, fluid interactions with companies. That can range from chatbots that closely mimic real human beings to the kind of conversational experiences in which a customer can begin an interaction on one channel—say, messaging—and then switch to another mode of communication without a hitch.

Immersive CX offers something powerful to customers: the ability to be truly seen and heard, to be treated not as transactions or tickets but as the valued customers they are. As we move into this rich new territory, the benefits will be considerable: businesses that make strategic investments in immersive CX can expect to see greatly strengthened customer relationships. And considering that customers have little patience for bad experiences—73% will leave for a competitor after multiple poor interactions and more than half will bolt after a single bad experience—it is imperative that companies recognise and respond to what consumers are telling them.

The trends driving the move toward immersive CX

Zendesk’s research—which included a global survey of nearly 3,700 consumers, another global survey of nearly 4,800 business respondents and Zendesk Benchmark product usage data from more than 99,000 opted-in companies—revealed five distinct trends driving the move toward immersive CX. The 2023 Zendesk Customer Experience Trends Report explores these trends in detail.

  • Trend 1:

    AI experiences are becoming more evolved and seamless
  • Trend 2:

    Conversational experiences are empowering consumers
  • Trend 3:

    Customers are eager for deeper personalisation
  • Trend 4:

    Consumer well-being and sentiment are reshaping CX
  • Trend 5:

    CX teams are breaking down silos as they become more integrated

Will your business be prepared for immersive CX?

In our 2023 Zendesk Customer Experience Trends Report, we provide actionable insights that will help your company chart a path forward during this transformative era in customer support. To learn more, download the report and be sure to take advantage of Zendesk events that will shed even more light on the rise of immersive CX.

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