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Customer Spotlight: Building trust in the age of AI

Zendesk customers discuss the importance of transparency in AI-driven CX and EX

Published September 8, 2023

The Zendesk customer-first approach helps us foster meaningful conversations with our customers, prioritizing their needs and concerns at the heart of our operations. As we develop AI-powered customer experience (CX) software, it’s crucial we understand what’s guiding business leaders’ AI decisions.

This new era of AI has sparked important conversations around trust and transparency. In fact, our 2023 CX Trends Report shows 73% of business leaders said ensuring AI and bots are not biased against specific types of customers is a priority. To better understand various approaches to build trust in AI, we talked to our customers.

AI and CX
Developing trust in the age of AI is crucial for businesses to nurture strong customer relationships and loyalty. Zendesk customers shared how they think about trust and transparency in the application of AI in CX.

“Trust and transparency are foundational elements for successful AI implementations in Customer Experience. Building and maintaining trust requires a combination of reliable performance, transparency in decision-making, data privacy, fairness, education, and ethical considerations. Organizations that prioritize these aspects are more likely to foster trust and deliver positive CX outcomes with AI.” – Roger, Software Industry

“I think we should be completely clear with how we are using AI and what benefits we receive from it. We should be emphasizing how it enhances customer service and doesn’t remove the human element.” – Sharra, Enterprise Government

“AI in CX must be built on a foundation of integrity, ensuring that customers feel secure, respected, and well-informed. Transparency in AI applications is very important for its ethical use and is an essential part of a successful AI strategy, enabling meaningful, trust-based relationships.” – Ifra, Software Industry

AI and EX
As businesses navigate the potential of AI, another vital factor has emerged: the need for building employee trust in this technology. Zendesk customers also shared how they believe CX leaders can help build trust in using AI tools and capabilities for their day-to-day responsibilities.

“Be clear with how you are using it. Use it as a tool to help your team work easier and more efficiently, not as a looming threat to their employment. Help them to understand exactly where in their workflow it is helping, and ask them to contribute ideas to where it can relieve their pain points. What we as leaders may think is useful, may be inconsequential to those on the ground. – Naomi, Beauty Industry

“Be completely transparent about what AI tools are being used for and their risks, issues, and benefits. Give everyone a complete picture, with the emphasis on supplementary to customer service, not replacing customer service.” – Sharra, Enterprise Government

“As with any new technology, starting small and iterating with strong guardrails will be the recipe for success. Trust is built in micro-transactions over time, but can be lost quickly and irrecoverably if violated.” – Brandon, Software Industry

Upholding Zendesk standards

Building responsible AI is part of our commitment to provide customers with dependable products and solutions. In our AI development process, we’ll establish trust, transparency, security, allowing our customers to utilize our AI products and solutions in their desired manner.

On October 4, Zendesk customers and industry leaders will hear more about our product advancements in AI, including new generative AI capabilities and what it means for CX, EX, and data security. To find out more, visit Zendesk Showcase.

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