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Advanced data privacy and protection

Provide the most trusted, secure CX

Reach the next level of data protection with advanced privacy and security controls.

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All good relationships start with trust

  • Keep your business safe

    Take control of customer data with BYOK encryption options. You control the encryption keys, which means increased security for your data.

  • Personalized, protected support

    Delete customer info you don’t need and keep what you do. For the data you do save, set boundaries around who can see it.

  • Strengthen security at scale

    Log who’s viewing what kind of data when, and from where. Enhanced visibility means enhanced data protection.

One person stands on one side of an open safe. She’s holding a green ball. A stack of other green balls is in the safe behind her. On the other side of a safe, another person is turning a large purple key that’s in the safe door. Zendesk will keep your data safe, while giving you flexibility to use it in the way that makes sense for your business.


Access log

Keep a detailed access record

Monitor which users search for and access what data, when, and from where.

Advanced data retention

Define what data you keep

Create custom retention policies. Set what data you delete and what you keep.

Advanced redaction

Redact personal information

Automatically detect and easily remove personal data with AI-powered redaction suggestions.

Data masking

Limit what agents can see

Customize data access based on role so agents only see what's essential.

Advanced encryption

Control the key to customer data

Hide personal data from third parties with customer-controlled encryption keys (BYOK).

What sets Zendesk privacy and protection apart

A cup of coffee, not unlike the ease and comfort of setting up Zendesk

Quick to set up

Zendesk doesn’t require custom development languages or training. Spend more time on customers and less on privacy concerns.

A computer screen with multiple windows open. We’re under the assumption that they’re bringing all their other systems into Zendesk.

Integrate your stack

Many major platforms connect to Zendesk, so you can use your essential tools while keeping a high privacy standard.

Three panels are connected with arrows, The pattern of each is slightly different, just like how you can customize Zendesk.

Easily customizable

Zendesk has security capabilities for your entire org. Tailor to your needs, with enough flexibility to fit a wide range of industries.

Four puzzles pieces interlock. Zendesk Advanced Data Privacy and Protection is built into Zendesk, so everything clicks together.

Built into Zendesk

Enterprise-grade security is native to Zendesk. Protect your data at scale to keep your business resilient.

Frequently asked questions

Zendesk is committed to a high level of security for every customer. The Advanced Data Privacy and Protection add-on is an additional level for customers with higher data security and compliance requirements. View all add-on features here.

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A collection of balls sits in the middle of a poofy pink pillow. The whole thing looks a bit like pearls in an oyster. Zendesk will protect you and your data, like the oyster shell protects the treasure inside.

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