The Zendesk Customer Service Benchmark

Stand out from the crowd

Great customer service creates happy customers, and happy customers keep business booming. One of the ways to keep them happy is getting ahead of their expectations. Luckily for you, we have an entire Data Science team dedicated to helping Zendesk customers unlock the patterns and insights to make it happen.

Get ahead of the curve

The Zendesk Benchmark allows organizations to measure their customer support performance against their peers. Think of it as a friendly competition. It isn’t a survey or an expert opinion—it’s the single best data index based on actual customer support interactions from 90,000 companies using Zendesk.

Based on data from:









See where you stand

It’s simple—select your industry and see how you’re performing against your peers.

Know what’s trending

70% of organizations see a direct link between customer service and performance, and 60% of customers agree that last year’s crisis raised the standard. This means more work—and more opportunities—to tap in to the ROI potential of customer service.

We used data from 97,500 Zendesk customers to bring you the 2022 CX Trends report. This report provides you with confidence, clarity, and the right insights to unlock growth with customer service.

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