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5000 Companies Use Zendesk

May 18, 2010

Five Thousand Companies Adopt Zendesk as the New Approach to Customer Service; Zendesk Extends Community Support and Knowledge Base Features by Popular Demand

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – May 18, 2010 – Today Zendesk, the online solution that reinvents how companies support and engage with their customers, announced that they now have more than 5,000 customers worldwide. Zendesk’s rapid growth over the past two and a half years is a sign that more and more companies realize success in today’s economy requires a new approach to customer service. Zendesk also announced new features for community support and knowledge base sharing that give businesses additional ways to stay connected with their customers.

“Today’s consumers want different options for communicating with a company and they expect the experience to be seamless, personalized, and efficient,” said Mikkel Svane, CEO of Zendesk. “To meet these expectations, businesses need to provide different channels for communication and even more importantly, they have to listen. The momentum we’re experiencing demonstrates that more companies are beginning to understand how crucial these customer conversations are to their success.”

In late 2007, the founders of Zendesk understood that a new era for doing business was taking shape due to the socialization of the web. Consumers have become more empowered than ever to broadcast their opinions to thousands — or even millions — of people in real time. Meanwhile, businesses large and small have struggled to respond to the onslaught of online communication from customers, often relying on systems that can quickly become overwhelmed.

To help companies both manage large volumes of inbound requests and ensure every customer has a zen-like experience, the folks at Zendesk created a support solution that’s lean and agile, built for the web, and available where and when businesses need it. Zendesk’s intuitive design is easy to use and transforms what can start as a tense conversation with a customer into a satisfying experience for everyone. The more businesses look to reinvent the way they interact with their customers, the more growth Zendesk experiences.

“User-generated content is part of Lonely Planet’s DNA. We’ve always listened to travelers and their insights contribute to every Lonely Planet product,” said Steve McInnes, Product Manager, Lonely Planet. “With Zendesk, we’ve been able to craft a unique approach to collecting customer feedback and dramatically streamlined our customer service operation.”

In addition to celebrating an important milestone, Zendesk is rolling out new and improved community support and knowledge base features that enable businesses to spread and share knowledge among their customers. The new features make it easier for companies to stimulate self service and create online communities where their most passionate customers can chime in with feedback, suggestions, and helpful information about the company or product.

“The ways in which customers communicate with companies have changed significantly over the past few years,” said Lisa Silveria, Customer Care Product Manager, TripIt. “Zendesk’s progressive yet simple approach is exactly what we were looking for to help us stay on top of these changes.”

“We do a lot of listening and receive a lot of feedback from our very passionate customers,” Svane added. “The ability to create online communities where customers can engage with each other and share knowledge has been a very popular request, and I’m excited that starting today we can now offer that option.”

About Zendesk

Zendesk is reinventing how companies support and engage with their customers. Founded in 2007, Zendesk was built on the idea that providing great customer support should be as easy as buying a book online. Zendesk features smart product design that enables companies to effortlessly get started and focus on responding quickly to the needs of their customers. Zendesk is designed to be easy to use, making complex training and support manuals obsolete. This means support teams can be up and running in less than 30 minutes. Find out how Twitter,, Denver Broncos, Lonely Planet, and SAP have used Zendesk to step up their customer experience. Learn more at

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