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Zendesk Startup CX Awards: Firstbase

Firstbase wins for Innovation

“Since implementing Zendesk, we have mastered communication with our customers, which has helped create a concierge-like onboarding experience that has reduced the need for support emails by 10 percent.”

Winnie Mulumba

VP of Customer Experience at Firstbase

“Great service is about anticipating customer needs. We created an automated notification system to proactively keep customers in the loop and provide personalized support.”

Winnie Mulumba

VP of Customer Experience at Firstbase

Company Headquarters

New York, New York

Number of Employees



Corporate Services

Company founded



Online onboarding and document management


Deflection of support emails monthly


Firstbase delights customers with innovative experiences

Firstbase took a unique path using Zendesk tools to promote growth and won the 2022 Zendesk Startup CX Award for Innovation. The company has helped 15,000+ founders from 180+ countries launch and grow their startups in the U.S. by automating the tasks required to launch and manage a business, resulting in a faster, more efficient onboarding process. Firstbase developed an automated notification system with Zendesk to proactively keep customers informed and provide highly personalized support, which helped the team deflect 300 support emails each month.


Streamlining the onboarding experience

Firstbase is committed to helping anyone around the world launch, grow, and manage their U.S. businesses. This past year, the company invested significant time and energy into streamlining the customer onboarding experience using a digitally native platform that leverages software automation. With 100 percent online onboarding and document management, founders can bypass expensive legal services and tedious paperwork to manage the incorporation process from a single dashboard. Zendesk has proven essential in helping Firstbase create an easier and more reassuring customer journey.


Personalized + proactive communication

For many founders, the first step in business formation is receiving an Employer Identification Number (EIN), which typically takes 20 to 30 business days and often creates a bottleneck. Since 70 percent of these onboarding tickets require IRS updates, Firstbase developed an automated notification system with Zendesk to proactively communicate with customers during the EIN setup. Once a week, Firstbase updates customers on their EIN status by sending a proactive email signed by a CX team member. This personal touch builds a natural conversation, helps reduce anxiety, and provides a positive customer experience with expert-level guidance. By implementing this notification system, the CX team could deflect 300 emails each month while still providing timely and relevant global customer support.

The Program

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