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Zendesk Startup CX Awards: wins for Community Choice
“ automatically tags every customer conversation in real-time, enabling more granular insights across multiple channels and powerful downstream automations.”

Jorge Penalva

CEO & Co-Founder at

“The Zendesk community has been a forum for us to listen to customers and build a product that is foundational to companies that are looking to scale more efficiently by leveraging data.”

Jorge Penalva

CEO & Co-Founder at

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San Francisco, California

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Reduction in average resolution time (Customer: Noie)


Agent hour time savings per week (Customer: Pair Eyewear)


Reduction in overall support volume (Customer: Petal)

Community Choice powers CX efficiency with data + automations

All the votes are in! The Community Choice winner of the Zendesk Startup CX Award is, a company that uses artificial intelligence to tag customer conversations in real-time and unlock the potential of CX teams. What impressed Zendesk community members the most? customers leveraged data in the Zendesk platform to scale support more efficiently, reduce resolution times, and save agents time.


Analytic insights create an omnichannel advantage’s platform surfaces concepts from a customer's Zendesk instance, which allows brands to then automate tagging, triage, and ticket escalation. Great benefits come from integrating Lang with a robust CX system: the ability to gather insights across multiple channels, the ability to configure complex Zendesk triggers with one click, and the power to export files to train AI agents. Pair Eyewear used the power of and Zendesk to ensure that tickets across emails, calls, and chats were tagged, while achieving 94 percent tag accuracy. Utilizing Lang automations such as routing, prioritization and internal notes also helped Pair Eyewear save a cumulative 200 agent hours per week.


Better visibility, smoother workflows

Within the dashboard, customers can get a comprehensive view of issues in Zendesk tickets, track trends, and filter metadata to precisely match their query. All that enhanced visibility and capability helps create more efficient workflows and a streamlined user experience. After deploying with Zendesk, fintech company Petal reduced its overall support volume by 26 percent in less than two months by configuring auto-responses to basic issues, while skincare seller Noie reported an 89 percent reduction in average resolution time for its Community Care Team.

The Program

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