Agent satisfaction doubled with adoption of Zendesk Support

Learn how Moo picked Zendesk Support for its ease of use, customizability, localization capabilities, and more for customer service software.

"Got some business cards from and not only are the cards the best quality card I've had to date but the customer service is 5 star!"

- Neville Black

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Ordering business cards used to be a humdrum task. You requested cards; they arrived. Rarely did they brighten your day. That was before MOO, an online stationery company based in London, set out to turn the mundane into the marvelous.

“We’ve never thought ‘satisfaction guaranteed’ was the most inspiring phrase,” said Dan Moross, MOO’s Director of Customer Service. “We’d like you to be satisfied, of course, but we’d prefer it if you were absolutely thrilled with your order.”
Moross, a former music producer, who was helping out shipping orders in the week of MOO’s launch, fell into customer service when he volunteered to answer MOO’s first customer email in 2006. He had a vision, which was luckily shared by his brother Richard, MOO’s CEO, that customer service could become something exceptional. Over time, MOO has developed seven customer service commandments. The first is “We are not happy until our customers are happy with their order.” It’s followed by commitments to respond quickly, have fun, be the best in the industry and put the customer relationship first.

That’s exactly what Moross did a few years ago when a small, three-person London design shop received desperately needed cards that contained a typo. Not only did Moross immediately print replacements, he hand-delivered the order himself.
The idea that a humble business card can add a bump of happiness to an ordinary day is imbued into every part of MOO’s business from designing and creating your cards, through to ordering, manufacturing, packaging and, especially, customer service.

As his team has grown to 30+ people and expanded internationally, Moross realized he needed to give them better tools. “The single most important piece of software for MOO customer service is our customer service platform,” Moross said. MOO initially partnered with another platform, but it wasn’t a good fit for their needs. After undertaking a comprehensive review of the top software providers, Moross decided on Zendesk Support for its ease of use, customizability, localization capabilities, add-on widgets, dynamic knowledge base and affordability.

A satisfaction survey of his team conducted before and after the Support rollout confirmed the choice. Moross’s team’s level of enjoyment had doubled, along with significant improvements to their speed in closing tickets.

The MOO UK Customer Service team

Meanwhile, behind the scenes, Moross now had the metrics he needed to measure the performance of the team and MOO’s product as a whole to guarantee they team delivered on internal SLAs for phone, emails and chat.
Obeying Moross seven commandments have served MOO well. For the last few years, the company has expanded at an astonishing rate. And unlike many companies that are forced to grow up fast, MOO has retained its sense of fun, friendliness, and generosity. Our tagline is ‘We love to print’ and we really mean it,” Moross said.